Genesis Alvarado
Genesis Alvarado Jeh-nuh-suhs Aal-vr-aa-dow (he/him)
News Visual Journalist, Phoenix

Genesis Alvarado expects to graduate in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. Alvarado, who was a photojournalist for The Arizona Western Voice in Yuma, is working for the Phoenix news bureau.

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Rent hikes, downtown boom spur gentrification of older Tucson neighborhoods

TUCSON - Rents are rising all over the country, but Tucson, once a sleepy, affordable city, has seen a particularly painful spike. And with rising prices, gentrification is pushing people out of neighborhoods that once were affordable.

Una madre en Yuma documenta la lucha de su hijo de 4 años con el raro síndrome de Moebius

YUMA - El síndrome de Moebius es una afección congénita que impide algunos o todos los movimientos faciales y oculares, y viene con otras complicaciones de salud. Una madre de Yuma ha documentado el viaje de la lucha de su hijo de 4 años con el raro trastorno.

Zeke Lugo, a la izquierda, su padre, Adrian Lugo, su hermano Tobias Lugo y su madre Eliza Moody, posan para una foto en su casa de Yuma el 3 de abril de 2022. (Foto por Genesis Alvarado/Cronkite Noticias)

Yuma mother documents 4-year-old’s struggle with rare Moebius syndrome

YUMA – Moebius syndrome is a congenital condition that prevents some or all facial and eye movement and comes with other health complications. One Yuma mother has documented the journey of her 4-year-old son’s struggle with the rare disorder.

Zeke Lugo, a la izquierda, su padre, Adrian Lugo, su hermano Tobias Lugo y su madre Eliza Moody, posan para una foto en su casa de Yuma el 3 de abril de 2022. (Foto por Genesis Alvarado/Cronkite Noticias)

La biblioteca de Chandler reabre 6 meses después de que una explosión cercana la cerrara

CHANDLER – La pandemia cerró la Biblioteca Chandler Sunset en 2020, y una explosión de gas natural cercana la cerró nuevamente en 2021. La biblioteca ahora está abierta y nuevamente enfocada en sus programas comunitarios.

Migrantes esperan en la frontera mientras políticos bloquean el levantamiento de la prohibición de solicitudes de asilo por COVID-19

NOGALES, Sonora, México – Miles de inmigrantes esperan a lo largo de la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México el levantamiento del Título 42, una política promulgada por la administración Trump que prohibió a los migrantes y solicitantes de asilo como medida de seguridad y salud pública durante la pandemia. Con historias de violencia y dejando atrás sus vidas en un instante, están atrapados en cruces fronterizos como Nogales, Sonora, debido a una batalla política en Washington, D.C.

Migrants wait at the border while U.S. battles over lifting COVID-19 ban on processing asylum applications

NOGALES, Sonora, Mexico – Thousands of immigrants wait along the U.S.-Mexico border for the lifting of Title 42, a policy enacted by the Trump administration that banned migrants and asylum seekers as a public health and safety measure during the pandemic. With stories of violence and leaving their lives behind in an instant, they are stuck at border crossings like Nogales, Sonora, thanks to a political battle in Washington, D.C.

Chandler library reopens 6 months after nearby explosion shut it down

PHOENIX – The pandemic closed Chandler Sunset Library in 2020, and a nearby natural-gas explosion closed it again in 2021. The library now is open and refocused on its community programs.

Arizona lawmakers consider Medicaid expansion for postpartum care

PHOENIX – Advocates are pushing Arizona lawmakers to expand Medicaid coverage for women after they give birth to help improve maternal health outcomes and combat rising pregnancy-related deaths.

‘It’s turned into this craziness’: Substitutes in high demand as teacher shortage has districts scrambling

AVONDALE – Candie Halberg began subbing during her retirement because she missed the kids, and wanted to be in the classroom a few days a week. But she soon was back to working full-time, due to a dire statewide shortage in substitute teachers. During the pandemic, fears of getting sick coupled with a massive teacher shortage have made an already difficult job even harder to fill.

13 bills that could affect transgender youth winding through Arizona Legislature

PHOENIX – LGBTQ advocates and transgender youth in Arizona continue to push back against 13 bills that been introduced in the Legislature this session. These bills, whether they are passed or not, can negatively affect transgender youth and their mental health.

Blood providers call for donors amid first national blood crisis

PHOENIX – Amid what the American Red Cross is calling the worst blood shortage in more than a decade, blood providers are urgently calling for donors. Vitalant, an Arizona nonprofit that collects blood, says thousands of blood drives have been canceled over the past 18 months.

American Lung Association gives Arizona a failing grade for lack of regulation on tobacco products targeting teens

PHOENIX – More than 20% of high schoolers in Arizona use tobacco, especially e-cigarettes, the American Lung Association’s State of Tobacco Control report says. Overall, Arizona gets an F for its attempts to regulate the sales of flavored tobacco.