Danya Gainor
Danya Gainor
News Reporter, Phoenix

Danya Gainor is pursing a double major in journalism and Earth and environmental studies and expects to graduate in spring 2022. She has worked as a sci-tech reporter for the State Press and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU.

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UArizona will lead space telescope mission to learn how galaxies evolve, form stars

PHOENIX – University of Arizona was chosen to lead the 2024 NASA mission called Aspera. The mission will help researchers understand the flow of gas around galaxies.

Phoenix explorer, entrepreneur will be on first civilian crew to go into space

PHOENIX – A Phoenix professor will be among the crew members to fly on the first all-civilian space flight that SpaceX launches this fall.

Despite steep decline, monarch butterflies aren’t as endangered as other species, agency says

PHOENIX - The number of monarch butterflies continues to decline, and conservationists fear not enough is being done to protect the species.

What a distant quasar and a ‘young’ black hole could reveal about the universe

PHOENIX – A team of UArizona astronomers searches to answer how galaxies formed millions of years ago after discovering the most distant quasar ever found, which is powered by a supermassive black hole.

Just before the election, poll on climate change suggests Arizona voters want more federal action

PHOENIX – Arizonans are more concerned with climate change and the environment this year, and it may affect their candidate choice in the election.

Hot up ahead: Arizona will have more ‘extreme heat’ days, researchers say

PHOENIX – A new Arizona State University study finds climate change and urban development will increase extreme heat for Arizona, and other cities, over the coming decades.

Arizona expected to clear over the next few days, but smoke could return

PHOENIX – Meteorologists predict less smoke in Arizona for the next few days, but it could return as wildfires continue to ravage large parts of California, Oregon and Washington.