March 10, 2017 Newscast

Cronkite News special: Government and justice reporting in Arizona

Arizona lawmaker wants to establish industrial hemp industry in state

PHOENIX – A Republican senator from Lake Havasu City sees economic opportunity in industrial hemp and wants to bring Arizona into the fold.

Fear and hope: Flagstaff residents consider future with new $15 per hour minimum wage

FLAGSTAFF – The scent of freshly popped kettle corn, laced with syrup and buttery caramel, wafts through Flagstaff Nut House in Flagstaff’s downtown.

Lawmakers urge compromise, not ‘hyperpartisanship’ in Washington

WASHINGTON - Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, and Brookings Institution scholar Thomas Mann agree on one thing: Washington is stuck in partisan gridlock. But when it comes to the likelihood of a solution, the two are as divided as Congress itself.

Arizona lawmakers debate bill that would raise minimum auto liability insurance

PHOENIX – You might have to pay about $80 more on car insurance next year if a bill working its way through the state Legislature passes.

Two ‘non-traditional’ candidates reach short list for new UA president

PHOENIX – A leader of innovation and research at Arizona State University and the chief executive of Texas Medical Center are finalists to become the next president of the University of Arizona.

Arizona lawmakers give Trump’s first speech to Congress mixed reviews

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump delivered an hourlong speech to Congress Tuesday that, while short on detail, was long on rhetoric that kept Republican lawmakers jumping to their feet and Democrats mostly sitting on their hands.

Lawmakers host kids of deported mom to send message to Trump

WASHINGTON - Angel and Jacqueline Garcia de Rayos could have spent Tuesday celebrating their mother's 36th birthday, but the Mesa teens instead spent it in Washington instead to protest her deportation.

Home baked goods receive limited state regulation

MESA – Arizona residents who buy home baked pastries and goods are buying products with limited state regulations.

Ducey presses governors on need for civics education like Arizona’s

WASHINGTON - Gov. Doug Ducey urged fellow governors this weekend to follow Arizona's lead and implement civics requirements in schools to help improve the nation's civic and political engagement.

Florence prisoners rehabilitate their futures by training wild horses, burros

FLORENCE – It’s almost eight in the morning on an icy cold and windy day in Florence.

Arizona lawmaker wants to allow people to shoot rat and snake shot within city limits

PHOENIX – It’s been illegal to fire a weapon within city limits in Arizona since 2000.