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Outreach program teaches Latino families about the dangers of substance abuse

TUCSON -- Twice a week, Latino families gather at Apollo Middle School for Familia Adelante, an after-school prevention program designed to teach families about the consequences of substance abuse.

Valley police departments lag behind their cities in Latino representation

PHOENIX - When Magdalena Schwartz, now a pastor in Mesa, first immigrated to America from Chile in 1998, she played guitar for people in jail because she felt it was a way she could volunteer without speaking English.

New mural in downtown Phoenix promotes peace and unity

PHOENIX - The Central Christian Church of Arizona supplied two large canvases, paint and brushes and invited the public to contribute a large mural promoting peace.

ASU students, faculty join nationwide rally against Trump’s travel ban

TEMPE -- More than 100 students and faculty at Arizona State University participated in the “Academics United” solidarity rally on the Tempe campus Thursday in support of those affected by President Donald Trump’s effort to impose a travel ban.

Phoenix schools encourage students to prepare for STEM careers

PHOENIX - The Cartwright School District is working to bridge the gap between its students and STEM education to encourage more Latinos and young women to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering, or STEM.