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Biden kicks off Tribal Nations Summit with order streamlining funding access

WASHINGTON - More than 100 Indigenous leaders gathered this week for the Biden administration's third Tribal Nations Summit, where President Joe Biden vowed to strengthen relationships with tribes and signed an executive order to improve their access to capital.

Downtown Phoenix has transformed since 2001, the last time the Diamondbacks hosted the World Series

PHOENIX – Downtown has gone through significant changes since the last time the Arizona Diamondbacks were in the World Series in 2001. In 2001, foot traffic was much lower due to the lack of hotels, bars and restaurants in the area. Light rail and Arizona State University’s downtown campus didn’t exist.

Downtown Phoenix has gone through significant changes since 2001, the last time the Arizona Diamondbacks were in the World Series. Roosevelt Row now sports a number of bars and restaurants in addition to housing. (Photo by Hunter Fore/Cronkite News)

Flagstaff devotes thousands of tax dollars to urban beautification programs to ‘enliven the city’

FLAGSTAFF – The city of Flagstaff Beautification & Public Art Commission devotes thousands of tax dollars to urban beautification programs to enhance community aesthetics. Programs include wrapping utility cabinets with colorful artwork and potting flowers downtown.

“Here Comes the Sun” traffic cabinet art wrap by Christy Moeller. (Photo courtesy city of Flagstaff)

Biden administration reverses course, resumes border wall construction

WASHINGTON - The Biden administration reversed course Thursday and said it would resume border wall construction, citing an "acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers" at the southern border to handle record-breaking numbers of immigrants.

Latest student debt relief plan could save 11,700 Arizonans $840 million

WASHINGTON - The Biden administration said Wednesday that it has cleared the way for another $9 billion in student debt relief for as many as 125,000 borrowers - 11,700 of them in Arizona.

Biden rinde homenaje a McCain y condena a ‘extremistas MAGA’ en evento de Tempe

TEMPE – El presidente Joe Biden invocó el espíritu del fallecido senador John McCain mientras denunciaba a los 'extremistas MAGA' como una amenaza para la democracia durante un discurso el jueves en el Centro de Artes de Tempe.

Biden honors McCain, denounces ‘MAGA extremists’ during Tempe event

TEMPE – President Joe Biden invoked the spirit of the late Sen. John McCain while denouncing "MAGA extremists" as a threat to democracy, during a speech Thursday at the Tempe Arts Center.

Yuma official says cost of caring for migrants ‘not sustainable’ for county

WASHINGTON - Yuma County cannot continue to bear the cost of caring for immigrants that are flooding across the border without help from the federal government, a county official testified Wednesday.

One Snap Brotherhood: ASU’s offensive line sticks together despite injuries

TEMPE – The Sun Devils are decimated by injury, especially at offensive line. The brotherhood, however, is still strong.

ASU offensive lineman being interviewed.

GAO: Rush to build border wall caused harm, damages continued after pause

WASHINGTON - A new Government Accountability Office report confirms what critics have long said, that the Trump administration's rush to build a border wall caused significant environmental damage, depleted water sources and devastated sacred tribal sites.

Group mentor program in Tucson teaches male youth about healthy relationships

TUCSON – A mentoring program is using talking circles, adventure outings and overnight camping trips to help young men develop positive and healthy relationships. The goal is to give every boy in middle and high school access to safe and trusted men.

Young men and their mentors gather around a campfire at a Boys to Men camping weekend. (Photo courtesy of Boys to Men Tucson)

Gallego touts Phoenix’s efforts during White House meeting on heat emergency

WASHINGTON - Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego told President Joe Biden Thursday that even in a town that knows who to cope with hot weather, this summer's record-breaking heat is posing a challenge.