Tucson faces potential legal battle with state over sanctuary city petition

TUCSON – Voters will decide if the petition becomes city code, but the courts will decide if it stays.

Estrada says border wall alone is not the best way to stem drug trafficking

WASHINGTON - Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada said a border wall would do "very little" to stop the flow of drugs, most of which come in to the U.S. through ports of entry, which require more personnel and better technology.

Pentagon defends use of active-duty troops to support border security

WASHINGTON - Pentagon officials told House lawmakers that there's nothing unusual about the 2,300 active-duty troops at the border, saying it mirrors deployments under previous administrations, but critics said the use of forces other than the National Guard is "highly unusual."

Asylum seekers coming through the southern border ordered to wait in Mexico

PHOENIX – Asylum seekers coming through the southern border ordered to wait in Mexico.

Venezuelans in the Valley rally in support of Venezuela’s new opposition leader

TEMPE – The Venezuelan community in Arizona gathered to express support for Juan Guaidó and optimism for the future of Venezuela.

What’s next for No More Deaths after latest convictions of volunteers?

TUCSON – No More Deaths has a long history of battling authorities over the aid the group provides for migrants along the border. Now that four more volunteers have been convicted, what’s next for the group?

4 No More Deaths volunteers found guilty of entering refuge, abandoning property

TUCSON – Four No More Deaths volunteers were found guilty on Friday for charges involving leaving aid in restricted areas of the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge.

ASU’s visit to Navajo Nation was about more than just basketball

FORT DEFIANCE – The Arizona State women’s basketball team went to the Navajo Reservation to play basketball. It came back with a greater understanding of the Navajo culture.

Milstead, after White House event, says wall is needed for border ‘crisis’

WASHINGTON - Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead, after a White House meeting on border security, said there is an "ongoing crisis" at the border and he called on Washington to fund a border wall to help stop it.

Bill targeting ‘unfair’ trade in Mexican produce would raise prices, critics say

NOGALES – Fruit and vegetable growers in Arizona and Mexico say a bill in Congress intended to address unfair practices by Mexican growers would help producers in Florida but force higher prices for U.S. consumers.

Pride in the ‘two-spirited’: Navajo LGBTQ youth find unlikely champions in their elders

UPPER FRUITLAND, N.M – Lesbian, gay and bisexual Navajo youngsters are getting support from their elders, who believe that “two-spirited” people have sacred roles to play in traditional Navajo society.

Wonders of ancient city of Teotihuacan inspire Phoenix artist

PHOENIX – Phoenix artist Diana Calderon continues to draw inspiration from a trip two years ago to Teotihuacan, an ancient city in central Mexico known for its enormous stone temples and monuments. But she doesn’t have to travel nearly as far now, thanks to an exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum.