3 major retailers across the country ban sale of guns, ammunition to customers younger than 21 years old

In a statement released Wednesday morning, Dick's CEO said they will no longer sell assault rifles or high capacity magazines.

Advocacy group warns public about ‘regressive’ policies on environment, solar industry

Members of a nonprofit environmental advocacy group on Thursday urged the public to pay attention to governmental policies they call "regressive."

Lawmaker: Lack of regulation on Arizona tattoo industry is ‘shocking’

Rep. Kelli Butler, D-Paradise Valley, introduced a bill that would require body art establishments - which covers places that do tattoos, piercings, branding and scarifications - to get a health certificate.

Making wine at home uncorks custom blends

Home wine making can grow from a hobby into a business

Arizona Democrats call Trump’s 2019 budget plan a ‘slap in the face’

WASHINGTON - Some Arizona Democrats were labeling the Trump administration's proposed $4.4 trillion fiscal 2019 budget "disastrous" and a "slap in the face to Americans." But one Republican said it's a "good start," but Congress has to make tough choices.

Arizona could allow tax payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Senate Bill 1091 introduces two cryptocurrencies Arizonans could use to pay state taxes.

Arizona ranks 36th in prosperity, according to new report

Arizona ranked 36 out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia for its residents' "ability to save and build wealth," according to Prosperity Now's 2018 scorecard.

Arizona medical-marijuana marketing becomes more mainstream

The marijuana industry's marketing efforts have matured since Arizona voters legalized its use in 2010, industry experts said. Many dispensaries now use "softer" terms to describe their projects.

Despite gains, Arizona blacks still lag in employment, income

WASHINGTON - Despite falling unemployment that President Donald Trump touted, African Americans still lag the rest of Arizona: The 9 percent jobless rate in 2017 was almost twice the state average, while black incomes were lower and poverty rates higher.

Virtual reality arcades entertain with immersive games

Virtual reality arcades are coming to the Phoenix area as the technology and industry grow.