Feds post plan for endangered cactus, but recovery still a long way off

WASHINGTON - After 24 years of waiting, is the Pima pineapple cactus finally having its day in the sun? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service this week released a draft recovery plan for the cactus that has been on the endangered species list since 1993. But even as they welcomed the announcement, conservation advocates said there is "a lot of work still to be done" to save the plant.

Good Samaritans step up to help 76-year-old with expensive AC repairs

PHOENIX – Socorro Carbajal had tears in her eyes.

Tucson utility proposes $6 million cut to energy conservation programs

TUCSON – Tucson Electric Power proposes to slice $6 million from energy efficiency programs, a move an Arizona consumer-interest group said would hurt residents, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Broken AC, no money leave low-income residents facing scorching heat

PHOENIX – Socorro Carbajal is 76 years old, lives on the limits of Social Security and can’t afford to have her home's central air conditioning unit repaired.

Feds remove Hualapai Mexican vole from endangered species list

WASHINGTON - Federal officials said Friday they will remove the Hualapai Mexican vole from the endangered species list after 30 years, a move that one environmental group criticized as "premature" for an animal it says could still be at risk.

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Arizona urban parks stocked with 250,000 fish

PHOENIX – Arizona anglers can hook trout, bass and catfish at urban recreation areas in the Phoenix area and around the state after Arizona Game and Fish stocked waters with a quarter million fish.

How does water get treated?

PHOENIX – The Deer Valley Treatment Plant cleans, tests and pumps out 150 million gallons of water a day.

How to survive Arizona heat: Carry umbrellas, wear gloves and hunt shade

As record heat continued to plague the Valley, Tempe residents and workers found ways to survive triple-digit temperatures.

Pesticide-polluted water may hurt bee population

MESA – Farmers depend on honey bees to produce one-third of our food and drink, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But experts say those same farmers may be killing those bees because of the pesticides they use.

American Airlines cancels regional flights as 120 degrees in Phoenix looms

PHOENIX – The extreme heat in the Phoenix area, expected to reach 120 degrees on Tuesday, endangers the elderly and others with health risks and has lead to dozens of cancelled flights.

Hot, dry temperatures drive wildfire dangers

PHOENIX – Soaring temperatures and dry conditions are increasing the danger of wildfires in Arizona. About 850 wildfires ripped through more than 200 square miles in Arizona this year, according to Jeff Whitney, director of the Arizona State Forestry Division.

Dry conditions in south prime Arizona for ‘dangerous’ wildfire season

WASHINGTON - Southern Arizona is looking at a "very dangerous" wildfire season with a "tremendous amount of fire" after a spring of record dryness and above-average temperatures, fire officials say.