Shayan Moghangard
Shayan Moghangard shy-awn mo-gahn-guard (he/him/his)
Sports Reporter, Los Angeles

Shayan Moghangard expects to graduate in December 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in sports broadcast journalism. Moghangard has interned as an editor with Fox Sports Radio in California and works at Central Sound at Arizona PBS.

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Certain sports promote stronger skeletons in kids, study finds

LOS ANGELES – A University of Indiana study found that young “unidirectional athletes,” such as swimmers and runners, have a higher risk of bone-related injuries than youngsters who pursue multidirectional sports, like football and basketball.

A University of Indiana study found that young “unidirectional athletes,” such as swimmers and runners, have a higher risk of bone-related injuries than those who pursue multidirectional sports, like football and basketball. (File photo courtesy of Northern Arizona Athletics)

ASU men’s swim team strokes its way to 5th in the nation and a bright future

LOS ANGELES – The swim team is not only strong this season, but its success is being powered by freshmen and sophomores that could maintain its edge for years to come.

Arizona State freshman Jonny Kulow places third in the 100-yard butterfly Nov. 4 against the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. (Photo by Emeril Gordon/Cronkite News)

Teqball, a mashup of soccer and pingpong, aims for Olympic status. Yes, you read that right.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – A new sport, Teqball, hopes to qualify as an Olympic competition by 2028 Olympics. The curved-table sport takes aspects of pingpong and soccer and blends them together to create something new.

ASU may not go to the Rose Bowl, but former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords will lead the Rose Parade

TUCSON – Arizona State University is unlikely to be playing in the Rose Bowl this year, but the Grand Canyon State will still be represented with former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords named as grand marshal for the Rose Parade and doing the coin toss for the bowl game.

Like some actors, iconic Hollywood sign gets a makeover – and a closeup

LOS ANGELES – A reporter and a photographer get special access to the Hollywood sign, which is being repainted to celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. It’s not just a sign, but rather a symbol of the power of storytelling and the pursuit of the American dream.

ASU president lauds interim football coach despite USC loss – but he won’t halt search

LOS ANGELES – ASU President Michael Crow speaks with Cronkite News about the search for a permanent head coach and praises Sun Devil football and interim head coach Shaun Aguano after a competitive loss to USC.

Can ASU beat mighty USC? Maybe – if they make these football moves

LOS ANGELES – Interim head coach Shaun Aguano leads ASU to California in a Pac-12 clash with USC this weekend. The Sun Devils are huge underdogs, but if they make some key moves, they can emerge with their dignity intact. Heck, maybe they’ll win.

Combating hate and blame: LGBTQ activists fight stigma around monkeypox

PHOENIX – LGBTQ activists in Arizona are stepping up efforts to fight stigma and intolerance amid a global outbreak of monkeypox – even as they work to get more people vaccinated against the viral disease.

ASU football’s ranking tumbles: From Top 25 a year ago to bottom third

LOS ANGELES – Here’s why ASU is ranked in the mid-80s or worse headed into Week 4. And it could get worse over the next three games as the Sun Devils face top-20 competitors, including seventh-ranked USC.

In a pickle: Pickleball takes off, but search for courts worries tennis players

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Pickleball is experiencing growing pains as courts are becoming harder to find. Cities are responding by building more courts and converting tennis courts, but not everyone is on board with those efforts.

AVP pro volleyball hopes Phoenix digs its championship – even without a beach

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – The Association of Volleyball Professionals is bringing beach volleyball back to Phoenix after a 13-year absence. The city will host the championship event for the AVPs Gold Series Tour next month.