Nathaniel Boyle
Nathaniel Boyle(he/him)
News Reporter, Phoenix

Nate Boyle is an Arizona native who expects to graduate in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in film and media production. Boyle primarily works as an audio reporter at Cronkite News and helps with the podcast Arizona in Focus.

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Arizona nuclear power plant tests emergency sirens

The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station tested its emergency sirens this month and discovered all 70 sirens are functioning properly.

Why cases of West Nile virus hit a record high this year in Maricopa County

Maricopa County’s vector control division has been busy this year trapping mosquitoes and analyzing them for the disease, which can be deadly.

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New videos on COVID vaccine awareness reach new communities.

Valleywise Health has 11 new videos featuring different languages to increase vaccine awareness among refugee communities in Arizona.

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Prehistoric crustaceans surface after Arizona’s monsoon rains

An active monsoon this summer brought prehistoric shrimp-like creatures called Triops to life at Wupatki National Monument in northern Arizona.

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New memorial honors victims of gun violence

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords recently unveiled a new memorial for victims of gun violence in Los Angeles.

Vice President visits Lake Mead amid drought, shrinking water levels

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Lake Mead to discuss the effects of climate change on water shortages in the West.

Vice President Kamala Harris at Lake Mead

Efforts to cool Phoenix include pale pavement coating to reflect sunlight

PHOENIX – An off-white asphalt sealant could help mitigate Phoenix’s urban heat island troubles by reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing and holding it overnight.

COVID-19 in Arizona: Expert paints mixed picture of virus situation in state

PHOENIX - The head of Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute painted a glum picture Wednesday of current COVID-19 trends in the state, but he also suggested that the trend could be slowly improving.

ASU researchers develop cheaper, faster saliva test for COVID-19

PHOENIX — Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a COVID-19 saliva test that’s cheaper than nasal tests, and it’s easier to administer.

High winds, parched conditions prompt red flag wildfire warnings

PHOENIX – The National Weather Service issued red flag warnings for most of Arizona on Monday, meaning the state is at a heightened risk of fire due to dry conditions and high winds.

How safe is fishing during the pandemic? Very, if you follow basic rules

PHOENIX – The Arizona Game & Fish Department has a new video that details safe fishing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.