Melanie Porter
Melanie Porter
Health Reporter, Phoenix

Melanie Porter was born and raised in Arizona and is an undergraduate studyin journalism. She is a broadcast reporter covering health for Cronkite News.

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‘It strengthened us’: Texas group boosts mental health of Latinas by bringing moms and daughters together

AUSTIN, Texas – Among teens, Latinas face high rates of attempted suicide. One Texas group is helping them build resilience by strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters.

Church, Chandler nonprofit team to keep homeless people safe during coronavirus

PHOENIX – Valley Unitarian Universalist church in Chandler has become the sole provider for those who might otherwise be on the street during COVID-19.

Clean playgrounds keep kids active – and parents sane – during COVID-19

PHOENIX – An Arizona window-washing business voluntarily started cleaning playgrounds to help kids stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Texas group empowers Latino parents to advocate for children with disabilities

AUSTIN, Texas – VELA is an organization that provides support and resources to mostly Hispanic and immigrant families whose children have disabilities. Founded in 2010, it serves about 1,500 families annually – helping to close a significant gap in health care for Hispanics.

Snowbirds: Why are white pelicans wintering in Arizona?

PHOENIX – Decreasing water levels in white pelicans’ natural habitats are forcing the wetland birds to migrate to find refuge in the Arizona’s maintained lakes.

McSally urged to oppose Trump’s rollback of Obama fuel economy standards

PHOENIX – Two Democratic legislators want Sen. Martha McSally to oppose the planned rollback of fuel economy standards by the Trump administration. These standards reduce the amount of air pollution given off by vehicles by forcing manufacturers to make cars with better fuel efficiency.

Mushroom crop in southern Arizona forests capped by dry monsoon season

TUCSON – Mushrooms are a rare delicacy, but after less rain this summer due to a dry monsoon season, they've been harder to find in southern Arizona.