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Maria Garcia(she/her/hers)
News Reporter, Cronkite Noticias

Maria Garcia expects to graduate in May 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. Garcia has interned as a producer at Arizona PBS.

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San Antonio oncologists tackle rising rates of cancer deaths in Latinos

SAN ANTONIO – Cancer is the leading cause of death in the Hispanic community, accounting for 20% of deaths. Providers and researchers point toward a lack of access and awareness to early screening and treatment.

The Mays Cancer Center at the University of Texas Health San Antonio hosted a conference to draw attention to the alarmingly high rates of cancer in Latinos. (Photo courtesy of UT Health San Antonio)

State of the City: Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego highlights jobs, housing, sustainability

PHOENIX – In her annual State of the City address, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego focused on creating a successful, sustainable and safe Phoenix to enable residents to live comfortably. Phoenix is looking to build its economy by addressing climate and housing issues along with increasing investment opportunities.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego delivers her annual State of the City address at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel on April 23, 2024. (Photo by Crystal Aguilar/Cronkite News)

Organización sin fines de lucro y una nueva píldora para la depresión posparto ayudan a quienes luchan su batalla silenciosa

PHOENIX - Una organización sin fines de lucro, Mrs. Arizona International, y una nueva píldora de $16,000 busca ayudar a quienes sufren de depresión posparto.

Carolyn Larsen embraces both of her kids on Feb. 15. (Photo by Jack Orleans/Cronkite News)

Behind the smile: How a nonprofit organization and a postpartum depression pill seek to help fight a silent battle

PHOENIX — A nonprofit organization, a Mrs. Arizona International, and a new $16,000 pill seek to help those suffering with postpartum depression.

Carolyn Larsen plays with her two kids on Feb. 15. (Photo by Jack Orleans/Cronkite News)

The first Indigenous woman in space never planned on becoming an astronaut

AVONDALE – It was never in her plans to become the first Indigenous woman in space but Nicole Mann’s career path eventually took her there. At Estrella Mountain Community College, she shares her unorthodox journey of becoming a NASA astronaut.

Nación Tohono O’odham recibe subvención para ampliar conectividad a Internet

NACIÓN TOHONO O'ODHAM — Nación Tohono O'odham recibe subvención para ampliar la conectividad a Internet. Miembros de su comunidad recibe

Florina Esteban learns how to set up and send emails at Tohono O’odham Community College on Feb. 13. There are multiple classes a day for those ready to take on new technology. (Photo by Crystal Aguilar/Cronkite News)

Biden y Trump logran victoria en elecciones de preferencia presidencial en Arizona

PHOENIX — Biden y Trump logran victoria en Arizona convirtiéndose en los presuntos candidatos a representar su partido.

El presidente Joe Biden llegando al aeropuerto internacional Sky Harbor de Phoenix el martes 19 de marzo de 2024. (Foto de Roxanne de la Rosa/Cronkite Noticias)