Kirsten Dorman
Kirsten Dorman Ker-stin Door-man (she/her or they/them)
News Reporter, Phoenix

Kirsten Dorman expects to graduate in December 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communcations. Dorman, who is the production director at Blaze Radio and a podcast reporter for The State Press, is working for Phoenix news bureau.

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NAU’s smart bike technology can detect damaged pathways

FLAGSTAFF – A Northern Arizona University engineering team has created a prototype sensor and network that can detect damage along bike paths and alert city officials to needed repairs.

$10 million voter campaign aims to increase Latino attendance in 2022 midterms

Chicanos por la Causa has launched a $10 million voter engagement campaign in collaboration with Mi Familia Vota and Promise Arizona. Organizers say the goal is to honor Cesar Chavez’s commitment to the power of the vote by educating, engaging and getting Arizona Latinos to the polls for the 2022 midterms.

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¿Qué significa la justicia ambiental?

Algunos vecindarios del Valle del Sol han sido afectados históricamente por discriminación. Se ha vuelto hoy el racismo ambiental por falta de sombra, espacios públicos y de las distintas maneras de refrescarse en días de calor por estas áreas, donde la mayoría de los habitantes son personas de color.

Arizona Dreamer’s journey depicted in ‘¡Americano!’, a musical debuting off-Broadway

PHOENIX – Tony Valdovinos of Phoenix gave up his dream of joining the Marine Corps when he learned he was undocumented. Ultimately, he had a bigger impact than being a Marine, becoming an inspiration to other Dreamers and the musical “¡Americano!”, which debuts off-Broadway this month.

¡Americano! Musical con debut fuera de Broadway inspirado por un ‘dreamer’ de Phoenix

PHOENIX – Dreamer Tony Valdovinos de Phoenix abandonó su sueño de unirse como un infante de marina de los EE.UU. cuando descubrió que no tenía documentos. Al final de cuentas, tuvo un impacto más grande que el de ser marino, y se volvió una inspiración para otros Dreamers y el musical ¡Americano! que ahora está por debutar fuera de Broadway.

Arizona grapples with country’s worst blood shortage in a decade

The country is facing the worst blood shortage in over a decade and Arizona donors have stepped up to give blood, but local advocates say addressing shortages in the long term is needed.

Blood providers call for donors amid first national blood crisis

PHOENIX – Amid what the American Red Cross is calling the worst blood shortage in more than a decade, blood providers are urgently calling for donors. Vitalant, an Arizona nonprofit that collects blood, says thousands of blood drives have been canceled over the past 18 months.

Webb Telescope nearly ready to send images back to Earth

The James Webb Space Telescope reached its destination a million miles away from Earth this week. Arizona experts who worked on it say they are excited to see what the most powerful telescope ever launched into space will send back.