Deanna Pistono
Deanna Pistono dee-ANN-ah pis-TOH-no (she/her/hers)
Health Reporter, Phoenix

Deanna Pistono expects to graduate in December 2023 with a master’s degree in mass communication. She received her undergraduate degree in government from Cornell University.

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Being ‘my own role model’: Normalizing mental health care in the AANHPI community

PHOENIX – People in the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities face various barriers to accessing mental health care, including cultural stigmas and limited cultural competency from providers. Despite barriers, people within these communities are working to normalize conversations around mental health.

Shela Yu, a Phoenix-based artist, in her studio space on Nov. 30. Yu was raised in Mesa. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite News)

New Mexicans speak out against gun violence

ALBUQUERQUE – At the unveiling of a mural to prevent gun violence and after the renewal of a public health order on guns, conversations around how to stop gun violence continue in New Mexico.

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence unveiled a new mural outside San Pedro Library in Albuquerque on Nov. 4, 2023. When viewed through a phone camera, the mural comes to life and names appear thanks to augmented reality technology. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite News)

Surgeon General advocates for social connection at ASU

TEMPE – Surgeon General Vivek Murthy visits Arizona State University as part of his “We Are Made to Connect” tour, advising students to form meaningful connections with other people to combat loneliness in the United States.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy visited Arizona State University's Tempe campus on Monday, Nov. 13 to talk about loneliness and the importance of staying connected. (Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU News)

Parents of children with disabilities could soon be paid as caregivers following Arizona proposal

QUEEN CREEK – Special COVID-19 funds have been paying parents as caregivers for their children needing specialized care. An extension of that arrangement is set to expire but a new proposal would make pay for parent caregivers a permanent benefit in Arizona.

Brandi Coon, right, lifts her son, Tyson, to put him into a sling

The Diocese of Phoenix supports mental health through ministry

PHOENIX – At the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, the Office of Mental Health Ministry advocates for and supports the mental health of its parishioners.

Bishop John Dolan stands before the congregation at the Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral on N. 27th Avenue in Phoenix on Sept. 10, 2023 during the Mass of Remembrance for People Who Died by Suicide. (Photo by Deanna Pistono/Cronkite News)

Smoke from the Salt River landfill fire could cause health problems

PHOENIX – The Salt River landfill fire has been reduced to a smolder but smoke from the Salt River Indian Reservation fire may lead to health problems.

“We all just evaporate”: Extreme heat overwhelms Phoenix’s unhoused community

PHOENIX – Phoenix’s extreme heat takes its toll on the health of its unhoused or homeless community.

The homeless camp on W. Jefferson Street and S. 11th Avenue in Phoenix from Sept. 12, 2023. (Photo by Sam Volante/Cronkite News)

‘Above all else, believe us’: Advocates say doctors can show biased behavior toward autistic adults

Several patients say doctors and others in the medical field often show biased behavior toward autistic adults. Advocates say some physicians fail to believe people when they say they are autistic, treat adults like children and use ableist language.

Medical care of autistic adults is marked with bias, advocates say. (Photo by Alex Proimos/Creative Commons)

‘Visibility matters’: LGBTQ care coordinator aims to improve care for Phoenix-area veterans

PHOENIX – There are an estimated 1 million LGBTQ+ veterans in the U.S., many of whom are more likely to report chronic physical or mental health conditions. The Veterans Health Administration launched its LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator Program to address these disparities.

Ash Senter is the LGBTQ+ care coordinator at Phoenix’s Carl T. Hayden Veterans' Administration Medical Center. Senter, who is transgender and nonbinary, is a former Air Force reservist and a health psychologist who started as the Phoenix coordinator in January – and they’re excited about the changes they’ve seen. “Visibility matters,” Senter says. (Photo courtesy of Public Affairs Office/Phoenix VA)

Entrevista: Tragedia inspira a periodista a luchar por la prevención del suicidio

PHOENIX — Tras el suicidio de la madre de Laura Trujillo en el Gran Cañón, la periodista se embarcó en un viaje para entender lo que había pasado y encontrar maneras de ayudarse a sí misma — y ayudar a otros.

Q&A: Tragedy leads journalist to advocate for suicide prevention

PHOENIX – After Laura Trujillo’s mother died by suicide at the Grand Canyon, the journalist embarked on a journey to better understand what had happened and find ways to help herself – and others.