Autriya Maneshni
Autriya Maneshni AW-tree-yuh MA-nesh-nee (she/her/hers)
News Reporter, Phoenix

Autriya Maneshni expects to graduate in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in psychology. Maneshni was a news intern with KJZZ and 12News, and is the station manager for Blaze Radio.

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Popular trail set to reopen on Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain’s Cholla Trail will reopen September 30th, after being closed for 2 years when a boulder pinned a hiker to the ground. The realigned trail features bathrooms, water fountains and bike racks.

Major Arizona freeways set to get influx of electric charging stations

ADOT is planning to use federal funding to develop charging infrastructure to support the growth of EV drivers.

NAU’s smart bike technology can detect damaged pathways

FLAGSTAFF – A Northern Arizona University engineering team has created a prototype sensor and network that can detect damage along bike paths and alert city officials to needed repairs.

Recycling solar panels is complicated. Here’s how one Yuma company does it.

YUMA – We Recycle Solar in Yuma is recycling solar panel waste, but there is more to be done to ensure a safe and eco-friendly process as solar power gains popularity worldwide and its waste grows.

A Yuma company works to keep dead solar panels out of landfills

An Arizona State University professor and a recycling facility in Yuma are finding ways to recycle solar panels sustainably.

Drop in Lake Powell could threaten power production as well as water supplies

PHOENIX – Lake Powell’s water levels have dropped below 3,525 feet for the first time in almost 50 years. The low level threatens to disrupt hydroelectricity produced by turbines in Glen Canyon Dam.

Backyard birds: Annual count uses citizen scientists to take snapshots of U.S. populations

MESA – Backyard biodiversity and citizen science collide at the Great Backyard Bird Count, when seasoned and fledgling birders take to their backyards, parks, nature preserves and the wilderness to share their sightings with scientists. For Arizona, the annual count gives us a snapshot of what species are here before migration starts this spring.

Sustainable aviation fuel helps airlines reduce carbon emissions

Many air carriers are turning to aviation fuel blended with biomass fuels to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Southwest, American and United are among the airlines pledged to take this route.

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