Advocates hit milestone in push to get abortion-rights question on ballot

PHOENIX - Activists said this week that they have collected more than 500,000 signatures to put an abortion-rights initiative on this fall's ballot, giving organizers a 100,000-signature cushion already with another three months before petitions are due.

Public kept at bay as Israeli diplomat addresses joint legislative session

PHOENIX – The public was kept out of a joint session of the Arizona Legislature Wednesday where an Israeli diplomat said "Hamas must be eradicated" after an Oct. 7 attack sparked a war that has since killed thousands of civilians.

Arizona Legislature considers tougher animal cruelty laws after spike in cases

CHANDLER – Arizona SB 1047 aims to strengthen animal-cruelty laws following a spike in cruelty investigations and last year’s high-profile Chandler case. The bill aims to fortify protections for pets statewide.

California law enforcement agencies have hindered transparency efforts in use-of-force cases

PHOENIX – While California is considered a progressive state, local law enforcement conduct has been veiled by some of the strongest privacy protections in the country. Attempts at greater transparency are being stymied by police departments and unions.

Affordable Care Act celebrates 14th anniversary following jump in enrollment, continuing political discord

PHOENIX – The Affordable Care Act just celebrated its 14th anniversary this month despite continuing differences in opinions between Democrats and Republicans about the landmark health care law.

$1.2 trillion budget bill, racing against shutdown, funds more border security

WASHINGTON - Lawmakers on Friday advanced a $1.2 trillion package of budget bills that includes funding for 42,000 new beds in migrant detention facilities and for the hiring of an additional 22,000 Border Patrol agents.

‘Downwinder’ renewal left out of massive budget bill rushed through Congress

PHOENIX - The $1.2 trillion budget that Congress was working to pass Friday included protection for gas stoves to restrictions on payments to the Chinese government. What it didn't include was renewal of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act for "downwinders."

Despite lingering challenges, Trump, Biden cruise to victories in Arizona

PHOENIX - President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump cruised to victory in Arizona's presidential preference election Tuesday, easily outdistancing challengers despite an organized protest vote and former challengers who were still on the ballot.

Voters hit the polls for Arizona presidential preference election

PHOENIX – The Arizona presidential preference election drew some voters out on Election Day, though many who participated in the partisan election had already voted via mail-in ballot for their chosen presidential candidate. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are already their parties’ presumptive nominees.

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes speaks at the State Capitol Executive Tower on March 19, 2024. (Photo by Mariah Temprendola/Cronkite News)

Organizations assist Native American voters as election year ramps up

PHOENIX – Organizations like Arizona Native Voter and the Native American Rights Fund work to help Native Americans vote. With hurdles like restrictions on post office box addresses and voting accessibility in rural areas, voters may struggle to cast their votes.

Presidential nominees already picked, but Arizona voters still have options

PHOENIX - Joe Biden and Donald Trump have locked up their parties' presidential nominations, but Arizona voters will still have choices at the polls Tuesday in the state's presidential preference election. The question is how many will exercise that choice in protest.

Maricopa County, First Place hold mock election for disabled voters ahead of presidential primary

PHOENIX – Maricopa County Recorder’s Office and Elections Office is providing tools to help voters with disabilities cast their ballots and has teamed up with First Place, a residential center for people with disabilities.