Arizona bill aims to regulate labeling of meat alternatives, but opponents say it’s too broad

PHOENIX – Arizona Rep. Quang Nguyen, R-Prescott Valley, introduced a bill aimed at regulating the labeling of lab-grown meat and plant-based alternatives, sparking debate on transparency and consumer choice in the food industry.

Lisa Khan, owner of Moon River Beef, holds up a package of broth bones on March 25, 2024. (Photo by Sam Ballesteros/Cronkite News)

Biggs ready for his day in impeachment spotlight, even if it’s short-lived

WASHINGTON - Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, is ready, as one of the House managers for the trial, to tell senators that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached. If he gets the chance: The Senate is likely to quickly dismiss the impeachment this week.

Harris, Arizona Democrats seize on abortion ban to blast Trump, GOP

TUCSON - Vice President Kamala Harris blasted former President Donald Trump Friday as "the architect" of new abortion restrictions sweeping the country, including the near-total ban that was resurrected this week in Arizona.

Shaman sidelined: Chansley among more than 70 to miss signature threshold

WASHINGTON - Jacob Angeli-Chansley, also known as the "Qanon Shaman," will not be going back to Congress - at least not in an official capacity. He was among more than 70 would-be federal candidates who missed an April 1 deadline for signatures to get on the ballot.

Black people have the highest opioid fatality rate among all other races and ethnicities in Arizona

PHOENIX – African Americans have the highest opioid fatality rate among all other races and ethnicities in Arizona. As recently as 2015, Blacks were less likely to overdose than other races or ethnicities. Now, due to a steep rise in overdose deaths, Black people have the highest overdose fatality rate, followed closely by Native Americans.

Scottsdale Recovery Center, where Justin Bronson is a peer support specialist, on April 11. (Photo by Jack Orleans/Cronkite News)

Attempt to repeal abortion ban fails as House devolves into raucous shouting

PHOENIX - The Arizona House blocked two efforts to overturn a near-total abortion ban Wednesday, one day after the 19th-century law was reinstated by the state Supreme Court. The procedural moves to block the repeal sparked an outburst by angry Democrats.

Arizona Supreme Court restores near-total ban on abortions in the state

PHOENIX - A divided Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday reinstated a 19th-century, near-total ban on abortion, saying it overrides a 2022 law that allowed abortions up to 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Gov. Katie Hobbs signs law aimed at accountability for Arizona long-term care facilities

PHOENIX – HB 2764, which Gov. Katie Hobbs signed into law Monday, requires the Arizona Department of Health Services to establish stricter standards and oversight for assisted living facilities, particularly those that provide memory care.

Gov. Katie Hobbs, backed by supporters of HB 2764, signs the bill into law on April 8, 2024, in the Arizona State Capitol Executive Tower in Phoenix. (Photo by Analisa Valdez/Cronkite News)

Arizona advocates aim to break cycle of homelessness through ID accessibility

PHOENIX – The Homeless ID Project works to assist unhoused individuals in obtaining lost or stolen identification documents, making it possible for individuals to gain employment, secure housing or access essential services.

The Homeless ID Project aims to end homelessness through providing ID replacement services to eliminate barriers many unhoused individuals face to accessing housing, jobs and essential services. (Photo courtesy of the Homeless ID Project)

Governor’s office partners with RIP Medical Debt to forgive billions in medical debt for some Arizonans

PHOENIX — Katie Hobbs announced that federal American Rescue Plan Act funds will be used to pay off medical debt of Arizonans who meet special criteria.

The governor’s office is partnering with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit geared toward clearing personal medical debt. (Photo by Marnie Jordan/Cronkite News)

Advocates hit milestone in push to get abortion-rights question on ballot

PHOENIX - Activists said this week that they have collected more than 500,000 signatures to put an abortion-rights initiative on this fall's ballot, giving organizers a 100,000-signature cushion already with another three months before petitions are due.

Public kept at bay as Israeli diplomat addresses joint legislative session

PHOENIX – The public was kept out of a joint session of the Arizona Legislature Wednesday where an Israeli diplomat said "Hamas must be eradicated" after an Oct. 7 attack sparked a war that has since killed thousands of civilians.