Educators hope that ‘Year of the Teacher’ could be first of many

WASHINGTON - Sparked by movements like Arizona's "Red for Ed," a record 1,800 teachers were on ballots across the U.S. this fall and an estimated 1,100 won, not a perfect score but what educators believe is the start of a movement toward more activism and more attention to their issues.

Arizona Western eliminates football, leaving only one JC in state with sport

PHOENIX -- After junior colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District eliminated football, Yuma's Western Arizona did the same Wednesday, leaving only one program left in the state.

ASU, Arizona make effort to enroll Chinese students

TEMPE – The Arizona Office of Tourism and Arizona State University specifically market to Chinese international students to attend school in Arizona, hoping to encourage friends and family to visit.

At ease: In Pat Tillman’s hometown, a community works overtime to protect his legacy

ALMADEN VALLEY, Calif. – Fearful of exploitation, Pat Tillman's hometown works hard to protect the legacy of the former football standout who died defending his country.

Voters reject controversial Proposition 305 school voucher measure

PHOENIX – Proposition 305, which would have vastly expanded a program that allows parents and guardians to use tax dollars to pay for private school tuition, was rejected by voters, the Associated Press reported.

Supreme Court’s Prop 207 ruling breaks no new ground, stokes political feuds

WASHINGTON - Eight weeks after it ordered a school-funding tax initiative pulled from this fall's ballot, the Arizona Supreme Court explained its 5-2 ruling Friday in a 23-page opinion that critics said shows the state's political system is "rigged" against education.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Kathy Hoffman would address teacher shortage, bilingual programs

Democratic candidate for superintendent of public instruction Kathy Hoffman said her hands-on experience in the classroom makes her the best prepared for the job. “The real experts of education are educators,” she said.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Frank Riggs wants best teachers, good pay

Frank Riggs says his executive, educational and political leadership experience make him the perfect person to make changes in Arizona education.

Scottsdale middle schooler takes her science project to Washington

WASHINGTON - Scottsdale eighth-grader Akshaya Venkatesh saw a problem - food waste - and developed what she thinks might be a solution, a phone-based app to connect groups that need food with those who have too much. That work made her one of 30 finalists in a national science fair for middle schoolers.

Proposition 305: Should Arizona expand state’s school voucher program?

PHOENIX – Proposition 305 would expand the state’s school voucher program. Proponents say it would mean more school choice. Opponents say it would redirect public education money to religious and other private schools.

One class at time: ‘Dreamers’ find it hard to afford college after court ruling

PHOENIX – The aftermath of the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that struck down in-state tuition for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients has placed a heavy financial burden to students wanting to continue their college education.

Teen tobacco use down, but e-cig use draws health officials’ concern

WASHINGTON - With teen use of cigarettes and other tobacco products declining, Arizona health officials say their "No. 1 priority" now is reducing e-cigarette use, or "vaping," by high school and middle school students in the state.