Families with firearms can take steps to keep their kids safe

Families with firearms in the home can take classes to learn how to keep children safe and introduce them to shooting when they're ready.

Parents, advocates rally after Queen Creek High loses five to suicide

Parents and suicide prevention advocates rallied in front of a Queen Creek school that has lost five students to suicide since May

Firearms-related deaths increase among Arizona children

As the nation still grieves the loss of 17 high school children from the most recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, Cronkite News took a deeper look into just how many deaths among children are rooted from firearms in Arizona.

Arizona public schools still working to get lead out of drinking water

Less than half of Arizona school districts working to complete corrective action on water fixtures containing elevated lead levels found after ADEQ voluntary screening process.

Severe flu season affects thousands of Arizonans

Widespread flu activity has made the 2017-18 season one of the worst in years, especially in Arizona. Every county in the state has confirmed an influenza infection this season, and about 19,000 more Arizonans have been infected compared with last year.

‘He still smiles’: MacLeod honored as son recounts former Suns coach’s battle with Alzheimer’s

While basketball is a significant part of John MacLeod’s legacy, his ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s — which he was officially diagnosed with in 2008 — is part of his story, too.

Lawmaker: Lack of regulation on Arizona tattoo industry is ‘shocking’

Rep. Kelli Butler, D-Paradise Valley, introduced a bill that would require body art establishments - which covers places that do tattoos, piercings, branding and scarifications - to get a health certificate.

Getting worse before it gets better: DEA agent predicts deepening opioid epidemic

At the second annual Arizona Opioid Summit, experts traded knowledge on the opioid epidemic and how it affects Arizona.

Good Samaritan law will protect drug users who help opioid victims

A former narcotics undercover officer says Arizona's Good Samaritan law is a good idea. Arizona became the 41st state to enact such a measure.

Bill would limit marketing, publishing information about medical-marijuana dispensaries

A Mesa Republican has introduced legislation to limit marketing and the publication of information by medical marijuana dispensaries.

Ducey signs sweeping law to confront Arizona opioid crisis

Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday signed into law a sweeping plan to confront the opioid crisis that provides $10 million for treatment, restricts timetables for opioid prescriptions and protects from drug prosecution Good Samaritans who call for emergency help if someone overdoses.

Doctors call woman’s recovery from Las Vegas shooting ‘miraculous’

Jovanna Calzadillas is heading home from a Phoenix hospital, three months after she was shot in the head after a mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival. She was not expected to live but doctors – and her family – refused to give up.