May 25, 2017 Newscast

Cronkite News Washington special: Immigration policies, self-driving cars

Lawmakers: Trump should make good on campaign pledge on Jerusalem

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s first official trip overseas this week took him to the capital cities of Riyadh, Brussels, Vatican City and Tel Aviv – but some Arizona lawmakers think he went to the wrong capital city while in Israel.

Trump’s first budget draws praise, pans from Arizona lawmakers

WASHINGTON – The White House said its proposed $4.09 trillion budget shows “respect for the people who pay the bills,” but Arizona Democrats said deep domestic cuts make it a “dangerous plan” that will hurt the most vulnerable Americans.

Bills to ease Border Patrol hiring advance in Senate, stall in House

WASHINGTON – A Senate committee Wednesday approved a bill that would make it easier to hire Border Patrol officers by waiving polygraph tests for applicants who are current or former military, police or other law enforcement officers.

State, tribe settle long-running feud over Glendale casino

WASHINGTON – State and tribal officials announced a settlement Wednesday of a long-running fight against the Tohono O’odham’s Desert Diamond Casino West Valley, which survived years of legal and legislative challenges before opening in 2015.

S.O.S. for Syrian refugees in the Valley

TEMPE — Starting at 10 o’clock every Saturday morning, a small group of volunteer tutors takes the time to help local Syrian refugee kids learn and assimilate.