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Rural schools face challenges in teaching STEM

HOLBROOK – Devin Etsitty, 17, remembers a time when he didn’t like science, technology, engineering or math, but teachers at Holbrook High School were determined to change his mind. They appointed him to lead a new program to promote STEM education.


Family proposes new law to regulate bouncers after death of Valley firefighter

PHOENIX – After a nightclub bouncer was charged with second-degree murder in the death of a Daisy Mountain firefighter, his widow and other family members are advocating for a law to regulate bouncers.

Report: Doctors teeter on the divide between pain treatment, opioids abuse

TEMPE – Chronic pain grips Lauri Nickel every day, day after day.

Arizona Regents: DREAMers to keep in-state tuition for now

PHOENIX – The Arizona Board of Regents decided Thursday to keep offering in-state tuition to Arizona DREAMers until courts ultimately decide whether offering a tuition break to undocumented students is legal.

Swimmers alerted to risks of crypto, pool parasite that makes you ill

SCOTTSDALE – As pool use surges during the summer, swimmers’ risk of contracting a waterborne illness rises.