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Aids to ease travel go digital; people still need to stand in line

WASHINGTON - Grappling with the usual holiday travel hassles? Now there's an app for that, of course. As holiday travel season gets into full gear, the Transportation Security Administration is unveiling new tools to help move travelers along more efficiently, in addition to the standard tips of packing light, showing up early and bringing a dose of patience along with everything else.

Democrats call on Obama to pardon DREAMers, quell deportation fears

WASHINGTON - House Democrats urged President Barack Obama on Thursday to pardon DREAMers, in an effort to quash the young immigrants' fears of deportation when incoming President Donald Trump takes office in January.

DREAMer Pardons

Decades after the war, millions still pay respects at Vietnam Wall

WASHINGTON - It's been more than 50 years since the United States sent troops to Vietnam, and more than 30 years since a memorial on the National Mall was dedicated to honor soldiers in that war. But for Kimberly Allen, a tourist visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this week, the important number is 20 - what she says is the average age of the people whose names are engraved on the black granite wall.

After, shock: Clinton supporters grapple with Trump’s surprise victory

WASHINGTON - The front pages on display Wednesday morning at the Newseum said it all: Stunning. Shocker. Believe It. But some here were still having trouble believing it, even after supporters across the country had celebrated the victory of President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday night and into the morning.

For voters on reservations, getting to the poll just the first hurdle

WASHINGTON - It's tough to give a poll worker your street address when you don't live on a traditional street, but that's just one of the challenges that Native American voters who live on a reservation can face.

Reservation Votes

Supreme Court orders new sentencing hearings for five teen killers

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Monday ordered Arizona courts to reconsider the life-without-parole sentences handed down to five juveniles who were convicted in separate cases on a total of nine murders and other crimes in the 1990s.

Supreme Court facade

Goodyear seventh-grader goes to White House as ‘kid science adviser’

WASHINGTON - Goodyear middle schooler Sage Foreman had an idea for a national technology "field trip" day that could help get schoolkids interested in the sciences. That idea was enough to get Sage a field trip of his own Friday - to the White House, where he was one of just 11 students from across the country invited to be a "kid science adviser" for a day.

Whiz Kid

Election 2016 reveals turmoil in white Christian America

PHOENIX – A vitriolic presidential race and a shrinking white Christian demographic in the U.S. have fractured the decades-old voting bloc of the religious right.

Supreme Court begins term with relatively few Arizona cases – so far

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court began its new term this week with one judgeship empty for the first time in a generation, and just one Arizona case on the docket for the first time in several years.

One less battle: Treatment courts keep vets out of jail, in recovery

WASHINGTON - The way Gregg Maxon sees it, veterans have a hard enough time as it is when their service is done - they don't need jail time added to the list.

Veteran Courts

Gallego, Reid call for more protection for federal lands, not less

WASHINGTON - Western lawmakers joined Olympic pentathlete Margaux Isaksen Thursday to warn against attempts to move federal lands into state or private hands and to call on the president to use his authority to expand national monuments.

World War II women pilots let back in Arlington – after a fight

ARLINGTON, Va. - In many ways, it was a typical Arlington National Cemetery funeral - there was a color guard and fly-over, a rifle salute, a carefully folded flag and the playing of "Taps."