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Millennials use technology to ensure the future of Arizona ranching and farming

PHOENIX – We talk to three Arizona millennials working to ensure the state’s farms and ranches are sustainable and profitable.

Big dogs may be key to protecting Arizona herds from Mexican gray wolf

EAGAR – Livestock guardian dogs could help ranchers protect their cattle from Mexican gray wolves.

BLM OKs pozzolan mine in Skull Valley, despite public fears and opposition

PRESCOTT – Despite public opposition, the federal government has given the green light to a pozzolan mine on public land southwest of Prescott. Pollozlan is used to fortify concrete.

Population boom in West putting humans closer to devastating wildfires

DENVER – Nearly half the population of the West lives in an area with potential for wildfire danger. And both the risk of fire and the population in harm’s way are rising in this fast-growing part of the nation. Eighty-four percent of the risk area has not yet been developed.

Thinning effort to restore ponderosa forests to their natural state inches forward

FLAGSTAFF – For decades, land managers and ranchers in northern Arizona dealt with forest fires in a way that led to an overpopulation of trees. Now, agencies are working to fix that — but the sheer number and high cost of doing so is one hurdle they’ll have to overcome.

Arizona snowpack near record low this year, but SRP says the situation isn’t dire yet

Arizona's snowpack this year is far below normal, leaving reservoirs short on water supplies, but SRP officials are trying to use more groundwater as a supplement.