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Thousands of refugees came to Arizona in 2016, but fewer arrived last year

Refugees from war-torn countries continue to come even as politicians try to stop them.

High school seniors appear to be acing first-ever civics requirement

WASHINGTON - The civics test that will be required of all graduating high school seniors this spring does not appear to have been that much of a test for members of the Class of 2017.

Grading Schools

Highway fatalities in state, nation continued three-year climb in 2016

WASHINGTON - Highway fatalities in Arizona rose from just over two per day in 2014 to an average of more than 2.6 per day last year, the highest level in nine years, according to the most recent estimates.

Ducey presses governors on need for civics education like Arizona’s

WASHINGTON - Gov. Doug Ducey urged fellow governors this weekend to follow Arizona's lead and implement civics requirements in schools to help improve the nation's civic and political engagement.