Por Tu Salud wellness program benefits businesses and their Hispanic employees

PHOENIX – A new health initiative is helping Arizona companies create and promote a culture of wellness among their Hispanic employees, some of whom may not speak English.

The free initiative, Por Tu Salud, is the Spanish-language version of Wellness AtoZ, a health care program launched by the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation. Por Tu Salud – which means “for your health” – provides resources relevant to Hispanics, such as healthful recipes and monthly employee newsletters.

It also includes a health challenge to other companies using the initiative. The health challenges encourage employees to enjoy the outdoors and participate in social and fun activities.

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Equality Health of Phoenix, which describes itself as “the nation’s leading integrated health care delivery system focused solely on improving care delivery through the lens of culture,” is participating in Por Tu Salud.

“It’s a benefit not just for us, but also for families. Making a small change now will create a big change in the future,” said Felipe Ruiz, senior creative director at Equality Health, which also provides medical care to underserved communities.

“If you have healthy employees, then you have productive employees,” said Tomás León, Equity Health’s senior vice president.

León said Por Tu Salud breaks down language and cultural barriers faced by Spanish-speaking employees by translating materials into Spanish.

Equality Health promotes culturally competent care that meets the physical, social and behavioral health needs of individuals.

A sign in the office at Equality Health underscores the message and goal of Wellness AtoZ and Por Tu Salud. (Photo by Daniel Gatalica/Cronkite News)

“We focus on subpopulations that have experienced greater disparities in care and health,” León said. “The company’s cultural care model was originally designed to focus on the Hispanic community but has adapted to fit other minority groups, such as the elderly.”

More than 95 companies are part of Por Tu Salud and Wellness AtoZ, according to the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation, supporting more than 250,000 Arizonans.

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Health Reporter, Phoenix