Arizona’s top 10 specialty license plates

Arizona offers more than 60 specialty license plates, according to ADOT. The state sold 495,617 specialty license plates during fiscal year 2018. Every plate cost $25, and is an additional $25 to renew annually. For every specialty plate bought or renewed, $17 goes towards charity.

To create a new plate, a state lawmaker must introduce a bill and have it approved by both houses of the state Legislature. Anyone is eligible to request specialty and custom plates through ServiceArizona.

The top ten plates in terms of number sold or renewed:


  • 92,115 purchased or renewed in 2018
  • Profits Arizona Veterans Donation Fund that benefits veterans in Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals

  • 74,092 purchased or renewed in 2018.
  • Profits Cardinals Charities to help improve the lives of children, women and minorities.

Military Support

  • 38,842 purchased or renewed in 2018.
  • Profits Arizona Veterans Donation Fund.

Arizona Highways

  • 32,148 purchased or renewed in 2018.
  • Profits goes to Arizona Highways magazine.

First Responder

  • 29,963 purchased or renewed
  • Profits 100 Club to continue supporting Arizona’s First Responders.

University of Arizona

  • 24,057 purchased or renewed in 2018.
  • Profits university students with academic scholarships.

Arizona State University

  • 21,133 purchased or renewed
  • Profits university students with financial aid through scholarships.

Fallen officers

  • 14,964 purchased or renewed.
  • Supports the fund to help the families of fallen police officers who have died in the line of duty

Pet Friendly/Spay and Neuter

  • 13,620 purchased or renewed in 2018.
  • Profits the spaying and neutering of animals and helps reduce pet homelessness in Arizona.

Child abuse

  • 12,408 purchased or renewed.
  • Profits multiple child abuse prevention programs.

(License plate photos courtesy Arizona Department of Transportation)