In Focus: Season 3, Episode 3 – Neighborhood eco-watch

Sarah Edalmen walks up to visit Breezy Wilson, who has lived at Wind Spirit, an ecovillage near Superior, for two months. She and her husband have begun cooking for the community, focused on protein-rich vegan recipes. (Photo by Gabriel Sandler/Cronkite News)

Stephanie Hunter gardens at the 40 Acres and a Mule garden in south Phoenix. (Photo by Miles Metke/Cronkite News)

In the third episode of season three, we meet residents in Arizona who have made sustainability part of their lives and communities. We’ll meet a woman who owns a local garden with a passion for her community and healthy eating, a couple who write books that teach kids about environmental issues in the desert and residents of an ecovillage who have taken sustainable living to a new level.

This story is part of Elemental: Covering Sustainability, a new multimedia collaboration between Cronkite News, Arizona PBS, KJZZ, KPCC, Rocky Mountain PBS and PBS SoCal.

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