In Focus, Season 2 Episode 6: Musical Instrument Museum

On the final episode of Season 2 of In Focus, we went to the Musical Instrument Museum for a different approach on the Arizona music industry.

Our opening song is “Take You Home Tonight” by Vibe Tracks and our closing song is “Scarlet Fire” by Otis McDonald. This episode also featured an acoustic guitar solo by Jason Shaw, ”They Say” by Wowa, and ”Loudness Clarity” by Joakim Karud.

The Musical Instrument Museum, also referred to as the MIM, is filled with unique musical instruments from all over the world, some even as old as 9,000 years. The MIM also has a 300-seat theater where it hosts hundreds of performances from a variety of musicians each year.

Maddie Mosely spoke with theater manager, Patrick Murphy, who talked more about the theater and the types of performances that go on there. You can connect with the museum and the theater on social media and their website,