Zombie Walk returns after being resurrected by Arizona Hemophilia Association

PHOENIX — Bloodied, flesh-eating, hungry zombies filled the streets of the Warehouse District in Phoenix on Oct. 28.

Arizonans came dressed to impress in their zombie costumes, all to raise money for the Hemophilia Association.

This is the second year the Arizona Hemophilia Association (AHA) has partnered with Downtown Phoenix, Inc. to put on the ninth-annual Zombie Walk.

“This year definitely went by smoother since we knew what to expect,” said Zombie Walk volunteer Michelle Bojorges, whose older brother was born with hemophilia.

The AHA “resurrected” the zombie walk last year when Downtown Phoenix announced it no longer had the funds or manpower to put on the event, according to Arizona Hemophilia website.

Bojorges said she saw more of a turnout this year as “people were shoulder-to-shoulder on the street.”

Steven Fraden, member services coordinator for AHA, confirmed more than 5,000 people were in attendance for this year’s Zombie Walk. AHA is unsure of the number of attendees from last year’s event.

“We really worked to make it a good event with the live music and vendors,” Fraden said.

The AHA charged a $10 entrance fee for the first time in the event’s nine-year run. The funds go back to the AHA to cover the costs for the event and to support its cause.

Fraden said the total funds for this year’s Zombie Walk have yet to be added.

Information tents from the AHA sat next to other vendors, working to educate people on hemophilia and other rare blood disorders.

“Events like this help us advocate for ourselves,” Bojorges said. “People don’t always know who we are or that there is a community of people helping each other understand more about bleeding disorders.”

Bojorges said she expects to see this event to continue to grow as people spread the word about AHA and the Zombie Walk.