In Focus, Season 2 Episode 1: Odd Squad Family

Odd Squad Family rapper A-Factor listens to the In Focus podcast interview questions. (Photo by Allison Bailey/Cronkite News)

Odd Squad Family rapper N.U.B.S. finds a photograph of himself as a child in the Phoenix Boys Choir at the Cronkite School building before the In Focus podcast interview.(Photo by Allison Bailey/Cronkite News)

Odd Squad Family rapper Snowman laughs at his group members during the In Focus podcast interview. (Photo by Allison Bailey/Cronkite News)

In the first episode of In Focus Season 2, the Odd Squad Family tells the story of how their rap group started, how they manage the business side of the music, and entertain us with a little freestyle rap.

Our opening song is “Take You Home Tonight” by Vibe Tracks and our closing song is “Scarlet Fire” by Otis McDonald.

It’s never easy being the outcast everywhere you go. For N.U.B.S., Snowman, and A-Factor, who all have overcome unique hardships, being different is what brought them together. The Odd Squad Family is a local Arizona rap group focused on making their way to the top in the music world, despite people’s first impressions of them.

For N.U.B.S., who has no limbs, Snowman, who has albinism, and A-Factor, who joined the group some years later, the three have found refuge in what makes them different and used it to help develop their style.

You can connect with the Odd Squad Family on social media or on their website.