Tips to save your home from monsoon damage

PHOENIX – Monsoons can be tough on homes. Debbie Hernandez of Home Depot offers tips to keep a storm from wrecking a house or yard:

– Prepare outside and inside your home by locking down pillows, cushions, umbrellas or anything that can blow away. Tie the items down or put them in a container. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.

– Seal cracks and gaps around the house and on the roof with caulking. You can use weather stripping for windows and doors. Use gap filler near the foundation and stucco to prevent water from seeping in. It will prevent problems including mold, mildew and bacteria.

Monsoons can wreak havoc on houses. (Photo by Emily Blume/Cronkite News)

– Make sure your gutters are clear of debris and gazebos are secured to the ground properly. (They have “taken flight” around Phoenix.)

– Change your air filters after a monsoon because they collect all the dust and debris from the storm.

– Prepare an emergency kit. Add the date to the bin so you can track the age of the items inside. Some items to include are bottled water, a first-aid kit, light sticks, head lamp, flashlights, batteries, candles, umbrellas, rain ponchos, portable power source for a cell phone, a generator or other power source, surge protectors for appliances and computers, a five-gallon bucket in case of leaks and plywood to cover broken windows.