Tribal leaders want more input in pipeline, road projects

Lake Michigan to Catherine Hollowell and her tribe isn't just a vital source of clean water.

Food vendors struggle on Phoenix streets

Phoenix - Every day dozens of food vendors like Marta Rojas push and pedal small carts on Phoenix streets selling a variety of snacks from corn in a cup to mangos on a stick.

What is your experience with immigration and immigrants?

With the presidential election in November, immigration has been one of the most talked-about issues. Cronkite News wants to know how immigration affects you.

Latino organization to hold 2017 national convention in Phoenix

Seven years after organizing a 16-month boycott of Arizona over anti-immigration legislation, the National Council of La Raza will hold its 2017 national convention in Phoenix, NCLR president and CEO Janet Murguia said Friday.

Report: Border Patrol overtime, pension plan could backfire long term

WASHINGTON - Border Patrol agents nearing retirement are being locked into a set number of overtime hours under a policy aimed at controlling pension costs that could end up driving scheduling decisions, a recent report said.

Border IOU

‘One big family’ of Mormon Latinos honored in Mesa

MESA - Two years ago, when she became a Mormon, Andrea Hunt faced opposition from her staunchly Catholic Guatemalan family.


Mexican sushi “rolls” into the Valley

PHOENIX - A new report by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce shows Latinos spend more per capita than other groups eating out, and that has restaurants catering to these "super consumers."

Memory fragments: Giant puppets tell of loss of Tucson Latino neighborhood

TEMPE - Four giant puppets towered over the stage.

ASU Republicans cast a wide millennial net for 2016 elections

Cody Friedland self-identifies as a half-White, half-Filipino Republican millennial.

ASU Democrats race to register, lock in millennial voters for 2016 election

PHOENIX - Kaylan Fodor stood in the hot sun outside of the Arizona State University Memorial Union. Despite her efforts to stop them, students rushed past her.