McCain: ‘We can never do enough for our veterans’

PEORIA — The city unveiled its Vietnam Veterans Memorial Trail on Tuesday with help from U.S. Sen. John McCain, who expanded on his promise to fight for veterans issues.

“I think Arizona veterans are honored adequately, but we can never do enough, ” McCain said. “But what we really need is to give them the health care that they deserve.”

During the unveiling of the trail, Sen. McCain addressed the crowd of veterans and family and placed special importance on health care choice for veterans in light of the Phoenix VA scandal.

“When we can’t even fire the person who was in charge when 50 veterans died,” McCain said with a sigh. “Then you wonder why people are so cynical about government?”

McCain, a decorated Vietnam veteran, also made comments on his support of the veterans Choice Card for healthcare despite some of its shortcomings.

Also in attendance at the event was Vice-Mayor of Peoria Bridget Binsbacher.

Binsbacher stressed the importance the memorial walk would hold for veterans both in Peoria and throughout Arizona.

The trail is the result of efforts from the Trilogy Veterans Club and support from the City of Peoria. The club members raised more than $6,000 through donations and personal contributions to bring the trail to fruition.

(Video by Christina Tetreault/Cronkite News)