Thalia Lopez
Thalia Lopez ta-lie-uh lOH-pez
News Reporter, Phoenix

Thalia Lopez expects to graduate in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in theater. Lopez, who has interned with KJZZ as a reporter and host, is working for the Phoenix news bureau.

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Webb telescope takes first images, an isolated star near Big Dipper

The NASA James Webb Space Telescope has captured its first images – focusing on an isolated star near the Big Dipper. The telescope was launched in December.

New federal legislation looks to suspend federal gas tax

On Wednesday, Democratic Senators Mark Kelly and Maggie Hassan called for the suspension of federal gas tax for the remainder of the year to ease the struggle of rising fuel prices.

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New legislative proposal would help Arizonans with affordable housing

On Wednesday, two state representatives introduced a bill that would provide more affordable housing opportunities for Arizona residents.

Native Renewables brings Navajo homes electricity powered by the sun

Native Renewables is an Indigenous-led team that is providing solar power systems for homes in Navajo communities that lack access to affordable electricity.

COVID will remain in Arizona for a while as cases surge

There are more cases of COVID-19 in Arizona than the state has seen since its first case was reported two years ago.