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Renee Romo plans to graduate in December 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in political science. Romo is a White House Correspondents’ Association Scholar, who has interned with Arizona Education News Service. Romo also writes for PolitiFact.

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‘Pumped’ hydropower plans proliferate; one in particular stirs opposition

WASHNGTON - Plans for pumped storage hydropower projects - which recirculate water on a loop to generate power - are proliferating in Arizona, but one in particular, at Black Mesa on the Navajo Nation, has drawn opposition from local groups.

Number of Latino voters is growing, but experts wonder in which direction

WASHINGTON - An estimated 150,000 Latino youth in Arizona will become eligible to vote in the 2024 election, when Hispanics will account for almost one in five voters in the state. But how that bloc wields its growing clout remains a question, experts say.

Race to replace Gallego in Democrat-heavy 3rd District draws crowded field

WASHINGTON - Rep. Ruben Gallego's bid next year for Senate opens a Phoenix district where Democrats hold an overwhelming registration advantage. While Democratic candidates are lining up for the seat, it has drawn the attention of just as many Republicans and independents.

With control of House in the balance, Democrats target two Arizona seats

WASHINGTON - Despite a high-profile 2024 Senate race and already-crowded campaigns for two open House seats, experts say two other Arizona House races could be among "the most competitive ... in the whole country," with control of the House in the balance.

Lesko’s retirement starts stampede of high-profile hopefuls in 8th District

WASHINGTON - Open congressional seats typically draw hopefuls, but the crowd lining up to replace Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Peoria - 20 so far, including heavy hitters with big names and long track records - is being described by experts with words like "all-stars," "fascinating" and "fun."

Arizonans join thousands at rally to support Israel, decry antisemitism

WASHINGTON - Several Arizonans were among the thousands who turned out Tuesday for the Americans March for Israel rally on the National Mall in Washington, where rally-goers showed their support for Israel in its war against Hamas and protested rising antisemitism.

Officials confident about Tuesday voting, feel good for long-term outlook

WASHINGTON - Local elections Tuesday could be a low-level test of voting systems stressed by years of challenges that have some worried about the 2024 election, now less than a year off. But officials are fairly confident - in the short and long term - that they can staff the polls.

Fontes, other officials tell Senate panel of ongoing threats to elections

WASHINGTON - Death threats, poisoned pets, disinformation campaigns and family members with "go bags" handy in case they have to flee on a moment's notice. Those were just some of the threats elections officials told senators they face as they prepare for upcoming elections.

Physicians can challenge genetic-abnormality abortion ban, court rules

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court said a group of Arizona physicians can challenge the state's ban on abortions for genetic abnormalities, a law the doctors say could land them in jail because it is impermissibly vague.

woman holding "abortion equals healthcare" protest sign in crowd

Giles, other mayors say ongoing homelessness issue needs ongoing solutions

WASHINGTON – Mesa Mayor John Giles told a Washington seminar Thursday that he no longer has to fight to make people understand the seriousness of homelessness, but that the fight to solve the issue is ongoing.

Heated race likely to succeed Lesko, who will leave ‘broken’ Washington

WASHINGTON - Declaring Washington "broken," four-term Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Peoria, surprised observers by saying she will not seek re-election, opening the door to what could be a crowded, and costly, GOP primary to replace her in a solidly Republican district.

Arizona lawmakers fall in line, but House fails to elect new speaker

WASHINGTON - Arizona lawmakers voted on party lines for a new House speaker Tuesday, but it was not enough to overcome a new group of rebellious Republicans in the House who blocked the election of Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

Likely Lake entry into Arizona Senate race sets up ‘Super Bowl’ of elections

WASHINGTON - Kari Lake's expected entrance Tuesday into the already-crowded field seeking to unseat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., sets the stage for what one analyst said has the potential to be "the greatest race in United States Senate history."

Biggs, Crane join Democrats in historic vote to oust McCarthy as speaker

WASHINGTON - Arizona Reps. Andy Biggs and Eli Crane were among the eight conservative Republicans who voted with all House Democrats Tuesday to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the first time in history a sitting speaker has been removed.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., visited the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023. McCarthy had made securing the border a key issue during the midterm elections. (Photo by James Powel/Cronkite News)

Supreme Court to hear appeal over expert testimony in Yuma drug case

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court will hear the appeal of an Arizona man who said his right to confront his accuser was violated when the expert witness who tested the drugs in his case was replaced by another expert.

50,000 federal workers, military, in Arizona spared as shutdown averted

WASHINGTON - If Congress cannot head off a government shutdown before Sunday, it would mean the loss of a paycheck for close to 50,000 federal workers and active-duty military in Arizona - and they're not the only ones to feel the pinch.

Tribal water infrastructure needs more than a one-time fix, senators told

The infusion of federal money for infrastructure projects is a welcome first step toward fixing deep problems with water systems on tribal lands, but it's only a first step, an Arizona official testified Wednesday.

Arizona added 2,374 clean-energy jobs in 2022, near pre-pandemic levels

WASHINGTON - Arizona added more than 2,300 clean-energy industry jobs last year, falling just shy of the state's pre-pandemic employment levels but matching the nation for job growth in the sector, a new report said.

Glass half-full or half-empty? In partisan Washington, it’s usually both

WASHINGTON - Two committees held two hearings on the same topic - immigration and the workforce -but the hearings in the Democrat-controlled Senate and the GOP-led House came to two very different conclusions. Washington observers were not surprised.

Appeals court again shoots down attempt to ban hunters’ use of lead shot

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Forest Service cannot be required to prohibit the use of lead shot by hunters in the Kaibab National Forest, a practice that environmentalists say can poison and kill wildlife, including critically endangered California condors.

Independents, with a lowercase i, are now Arizona’s biggest voter group

WASHINGTON - The largest political party in Arizona is no longer a party. The latest numbers from the Arizona Secretary of State's office show that independent voters edged out Republicans in July to become the largest single group of voters in the state.

State Supreme Court to hear abortion case; providers vow business as usual

WASHINGTON - Arizona abortion providers said Thursday they will conduct business as usual while the state Supreme Court considers a challenge to state law that could lead to the restoration of a 19th-century ban on abortion.