Raven Payne
Raven Payne Rey-ven Peyn (she/her)
News Broadcast Reporter, Phoenix

Raven Payne expects to graduate in December 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Payne, who has written for the Phoenix Business Journal, is working for the Phoenix news bureau.

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Burrowing owls’ habitat losses have wildlife experts working to relocate them

FLORENCE – Burrowing owls, ground-dwelling birds that are listed as a species of concern in Arizona, continue to be at risk from ongoing development. As more open desert and farmland is developed across the state, one group is relocating burrowing owls to new sites.

‘I just like being able to breathe’: Phoenix travelers react to halt of travel mask mandate

PHOENIX – Many travelers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport were relieved to fly without masks after a federal judge halted a mandate that has been in effect and extended several times since January 2021.

‘A sad chapter in the history of the United States:’ Sun City man recounts Arizona incarceration of Japanese Americans

SUN CITY - Eighty years after President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, Richard Matsuishi reflects on life in the Poston War Relocation Center in Parker, Arizona. Matsuishi, now 84, was 4 when he entered the camp.

Some Arizona downwinders who blame illnesses on nuclear testing remain uncompensated

KINGMAN – Residents in lower Mohave County who attribute their illnesses to the nuclear testing at the Nevada National Security Site continue to be left out of RECA compensation. New legislation is being introduced to include them in the compensation.

Point-in-Time head count to address homelessness resumes in Maricopa County

PHOENIX – The Maricopa County Point-in-Time Homeless Count is back after last year’s was canceled because of COVID-19. The count, conducted nationwide, aims to gauge the extent of homelessness across the country.

Fewer Christmas trees in Oregon means fewer trees in metro Phoenix

PHOENIX – This year, droughts and forest fires in the Northwest, supply chain issues and planting times have resulted in a shortage of Christmas trees in lots across the country.

Christmas trees at a lot for sale

Severe weather in the Northwest causes Christmas tree shortages

This year, the droughts and forest fires in the Northwest, supply chain issues and planting times mean fewer Christmas trees in lots across the country.

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