Martin Dreyfuss
Martin Dreyfuss(he/him)
News Reporter, Phoenix

Martin Dreyfuss expects to graduate in December 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. Dreyfuss is a published journalist and poet, with experience in social media, play-by-play, management and content creation. He began working at age 10, when he began building his work ethic and professional experience in restaurants, sales and esports origination management.

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Senate votes to put the ‘illegal’ in illegal migration, make it a state crime

PHOENIX - The Senate voted Wednesday to make it a state crime to illegally enter Arizona by crossing the border between ports of entry - a proposal that Democratic opponents called both racially motivated and unconstitutional.

House panel advances bill for a Holocaust center, but holds back funds for now

PHOENIX - A House panel gave tentative approval Wednesday to a Holocaust education center, but not before stripping out funding for the project that supporters said will provide an "immersive experience for the next generation on hate and genocide."

Bill to ban satanic displays advances, after heated debate on religion

PHOENIX - A Senate committee gave preliminary approval Wednesday to a bill that would ban satanic displays on public grounds, following an often-testy debate over whether Satanism is a religion to be respected or a "desecration of public property."

It’s not officially a planet, but Pluto could be Arizona’s official planet

PHOENIX - Pluto was taken off the "full-size planet" list almost 20 years ago, but Rep. Justin Wilmeth, R-Phoenix, doesn't see why it can't still be Arizona's official state planet. His "fun" bill do to just that was approved 8-1 Wednesday by the House Government Committee.

Victim backs bill to criminalize child ‘grooming’; opponents say it oversteps

PHOENIX - A 16-year-old who said she was groomed by her softball coach came to testify, with her parents, for a bill that would make a crime of child grooming. But opponents told the packed hearing that there are already laws on the books and the bill goes too far.

State plan to extend psychedelic mushroom study takes step forward in House

PHOENIX - A House panel voted Monday to extend the deadline on Arizona's first-in-the-nation program to research medical uses of psilocybin, or "magic mushrooms," a hallucinogenic currently classified by the federal government as a Schedule I illegal drug.