Maria Staubs
Maria Staubs muh-REE-uh stobbs (she/her/hers)
News Broadcast Reporter, Phoenix

Maria Staubs expects to graduate in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication and a minor in film and media production. Staubs has interned as a video editor for Hart Talent Management, a features reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal and a producing intern for PBS NewsHour West.

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Blacks more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, less likely to be treated

PHOENIX - Black Americans are twice as likely as whites to develop Alzheimer’s disease and live with missed diagnoses and treatment gaps, studies reveal. While 10% of white adults have the disease, 19% of U.S. Black adults do, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Arizona Senate bill could expand cochlear implant state Medicaid coverage

PHOENIX – The Arizona Senate has passed SB 1017, which aims to expand coverage of cochlear implants for adults through AHCCCS. Advocates say it would have a positive impact on people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The bill is now being read in the House.

Melanie O’Rourke, 73, lost her hearing 20 years ago. Now, she relies on cochlear implants to hear. (Video screengrab by Maria Staubs/Cronkite News)

‘I thought he was going to be with us forever’: Housing programs aim to close the gap for people with autism

PHOENIX – A report from the Greater Phoenix Housing Market Analysis shows the lack of attention given to people with autism or who are neurodivergent makes it difficult for them to get out of poverty.

First Place opened a residential building in 2018 for adults with autism and Down syndrome or who are neurodivergent as a response to the lack of housing for neurodiverse populations. (Photo by Hayden Cilley/Cronkite News)