Madeline Bautista
Madeline Bautista Mad-uh-len Bou-tee-stuh (she/her)
News Visual Journalist, Phoenix

Madeline Bautista expects to graduate in spring 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. Bautista’s work has been published in The Daily Independent, Glendale Star and the Downtown Devil. She is working for the Phoenix news bureau.

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‘Wounded healers’: Advocates spotlight hidden struggles of young caregivers

MESA – Brenda Donovan was 12 when her mother was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. By her senior year in high school, she’d become her mother’s primary caregiver. Across the U.S., more and more people are becoming caregivers to a loved one in need – among them, young people thrust into a role for which they have little training or support.

‘Only the beginning’: Brandon Act meant to reduce barriers, stigma for military members seeking mental health help

PEORIA – The legacy of Brandon Caserta of Arizona lives on in the Brandon Act, which allows service men and women to seek mental health help outside the military to reduce barriers and the stigma of self-reporting.

Teletherapy expanded during the pandemic, but is it effective for behavioral health?

PHOENIX – Telehealth has been a widely used resource during the pandemic, but some experts continue to weigh the pros and cons of treating certain conditions from a distance – specifically mental illness and substance use.