John Leos
John Leos(he/him/his)
News Visual Journalist, Phoenix

John Leos expects to graduate in December 2023 with a master’s degree in mass communications. Leos is a multimedia journalist, documentary filmmaker and Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow who has reported for Cronkite Borderlands Project.

Latest from John Leos

Arizona’s anti-immigrant policies foster a culture of fear and create barriers to mental health care for undocumented communities

PHOENIX – Arizona has been a laboratory for anti-immigrant policies that foster a culture of fear and create barriers to mental health care for undocumented people, say advocates at local nonprofit groups.

Organizers at Aliento, a Phoenix-based nonprofit providing wellness resources to undocumented youth and DACA recipients, display artistic works created by participants of their wellness programs at their annual art gallery on November 3, 2023. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite News)

Phoenix successfully clears its largest homeless encampment by deadline, shifts focus to long-term solutions

PHOENIX – Phoenix cleared its largest homeless encampment, The Zone, by Nov. 4, addressing the urgent need to relocate nearly 1,000 unhoused individuals. Now, the city focuses on implementing lasting solutions for its homeless population.

Officials from the city of Phoenix block off 12th Avenue between Jefferson and Madison streets on the morning of Oct. 20 to facilitate the clearing of a homeless encampment under a court order issued earlier this year. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite News)

New Mexicans speak out against gun violence

ALBUQUERQUE – At the unveiling of a mural to prevent gun violence and after the renewal of a public health order on guns, conversations around how to stop gun violence continue in New Mexico.

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence unveiled a new mural outside San Pedro Library in Albuquerque on Nov. 4, 2023. When viewed through a phone camera, the mural comes to life and names appear thanks to augmented reality technology. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite News)

Healthcare Rising Arizona collects signatures for abortion access petition at the Arizona State Fair

PHOENIX – Healthcare Rising Arizona is working to get 383,923 signatures for a ballot initiative that would amend the Arizona Constitution to establish abortion access as a fundamental right. The group set up a booth at the Arizona State Fair to talk to attendees and ask for support.

Jadie Grahn, 42, smiles at her 15-month- old son, Ace, after signing the petition to add abortion access to the Arizona’s 2024 general election ballot. After working as a labor and delivery nurse, Grahn signed the petition knowing the negative impact unintended pregnancies have on low-income people or people suffering from drug addiction. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite News)

Spanish-language therapy is becoming harder to find in Arizona, even as the Hispanic population grows

PHOENIX – Spanish language therapy and culturally responsive mental healthcare are becoming more scarce in Arizona as the Hispanic population grows. Chicanos Por La Causa is one nonprofit organization working to fill the gap.

A mural of a Hispanic family emblazoned with the popular Spanish phrase “Sí, se puede,” welcomes visitors at Chicanos Por La Causa’s Centro de la Familia in Phoenix on September 13, 2023. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite News)

As Arizonans remember loved ones lost to drug overdose, advocacy group stresses “Every death caused by overdose is preventable.”

PHOENIX – The Arizona advocacy group Sonoran Preservation Works commemorated International Overdose Awareness Day 2023 on Aug. 31, with a vigil held at the Desert West Community Center in Phoenix.

Overdose awareness day