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Ian McKinney(he/him)
News Reporter, Washington, D.C.

Ian McKinney expects to graduate in May 2026 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. McKinney worked as a production intern for KJZZ’s “The Show.” He loves to try new things, is competitive and prides himself on helping other people succeed.

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Congress in action, or inaction? This Congress among the least productive

WASHINGTON - Lawmakers passed a last-minute budget extension Thursday to head off a looming Friday government shutdown - just the 40th law passed by this Congress, which is on pace to be the least productive in at least a half-century.

Going on offense over Defense spending: Biden touts benefits to states

WASHINGTON - As Congress weigh $95 billion in military aid for Ukraine and Israel, the Pentagon is reporting that defense spending in Arizona totaled $15 billion in fiscal 2022, making Arizona the 10th-biggest beneficiary of Defense Department support among states.

Two years later, Arizona lawmakers remain divided on Ukraine support

WASHINGTON - Two years after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, members of Arizona's congressional delegation remain just as divided as ever on what role the U.S. should play in the war as it enters its third year.

January sees sharp drop in border numbers after record-setting December

WASHINGTON - Border encounters plunged from record highs of more than 300,000 in December to 176,205 in January, a 42% drop that border officials attributed to enforcement efforts and a traditional seasonal drop - but few were confident that numbers will stay at this level.

State officials call for federal funds to protect election systems, workers

WASHINGTON - The federal government provides funds to make sure bridges and dams don't collapse - it should do the same for the nation's elections, a bipartisan group of Arizona officials said this week, calling elections an "egregious unfunded mandate."

State of Indian Nations is good, but could be better, speakers say

WASHINGTON - Tribal nations are seeing themselves represented more than ever before in the government, but they still need to make their voices heard more loudly at the ballot box, the president of the National Congress of American Indians said Monday.

As Arizona Supreme Court weighs abortion law, both sides brace for ruling

WASHINGTON - It’s been nearly two months since the Arizona Supreme Court heard arguments over the state's abortion law, and its ruling could all but ban abortions in the state or allow them to continue up to 15 weeks. Both sides said they are bracing for that ruling - and waiting.

Border bill includes funds for local communities, along with Ukraine, Israel

WASHINGTON - The bipartisan immigration reform bill unveiled in the Senate late Sunday includes $1.4 billion to help border communities grappling with the migrant surge, in addition to funding for Ukraine and Israel. But it faces an uphill battle to approval in Congress.

Sinema’s lackluster fundraising quarter raises eyebrows over campaign hopes

WASHINGTON - Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema raised a fraction of what her leading challengers brought in in the last quarter of 2023, raising new questions about her chances in what could be a bruising, three-way race.

Brnovich says states can take border action; Democrats pan ‘crackpot’ theory

WASHINGTON - Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich told a House panel that states have a constitutional right to secure their borders if the federal government - an argument that critics at the hearing derided as an unconstitutional "crackpot legal theory."

As immigration debate heats up, migrant encounters in December set record

WASHINGTON - Border officials said they encountered more than 300,000 migrants at the southern border in December, a one-month record that pushed the total for the first quarter of fiscal 2024 to 785,422. It comes as debate on immigration heats up in Washington.

DeWit quits, Trump bails, rally’s cut: It’s been a week for Arizona’s GOP

WASHINGTON - The chairman was ousted over the leak of an embarrassing audio tape, former President Donald Trump backed out of a rally that had to be canceled on the eve of the party's annual meeting. It's been a week for the Arizona Republican Party.

Affordable Care Act enrollment hit record highs in Arizona, U.S. in 2023

WASHINGTON - Affordable Care Act enrollment surged to new highs in Arizona and the nation in 2023, as people shifted away from pandemic-era health coverage and the Biden administration continued to push for the program.

Roe is gone, but Arizonans still join abortion opponents marching in D.C.

Arizonans were among the thousands who turned out on a snowy Friday for the 51st March for Life, an anti-abortion rally held to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Roe was reversed in 2022, but the fight has moved to states and the march goes on.

Navajo president calls for new VA medical, benefits centers at House hearing

WASHINGTON - Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren called on lawmakers Thursday to put Veterans Affairs medical and benefits centers on the reservation to help deliver services that he said Indigenous veterans have earned but often cannot access.

Supreme Court considers right to face accusers in Yuma drug case

WASHNGTON - Supreme Court justices grappled Wednesday to decide when testimony from an expert crosses the line into evidence that a defendant should have the right to challenge in court, a question that arose in a Yuma County drug case from 2019.