Ethan Tuttle
Ethan Tuttle EE-thin TUH-tull
Sports Broadcast Reporter, Phoenix

Ethan Tuttle expects to graduate in May 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in sport journalism. Tuttle, who is assigned to the Phoenix Sports bureau, has held numerous internships including CBS affiliate KCCI-TV in Des Moines, Iowa, as well as 247 sports affiliate in Tempe.

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Tiger Woods’ newest business venture opens its doors in Glendale

GLENDALE – A new mini-golf course opened its doors on Thursday in Glendale. The course is co-owned and designed by golf legend Tiger Woods.

PopStroke, a mini-golf course designed by Tiger Woods, opened in Glendale Thursday and offers the public a 36-hole experience. (Photo by Robert Crompton/Cronkite News)