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Brooke Rindenau(she/her/hers)
News Reporter, Phoenix

Brooke Rindenau expects to graduate in May 2024 from the Cronkite School and Barrett, The Honors College with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Rindenau worked as a digital production intern at The Arizona Republic.

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Deaf community is divided over how cochlear implants affect deaf identity and culture

PHOENIX – Cochlear implants have sparked controversy about deaf culture and identity for decades. Some say they treat deafness as a disability that needs to be fixed and undermine the use of American Sign Language. One woman who got the implants says she was grateful to alleviate some of the hearing loss she’s suffered from her whole life.

Adult Loss of Hearing Association’s (from left) executive board member Sue Vardon, donor match partner Pat Clinch and Board President Cynthia Amerman pose for a portrait at the Adult Loss of Hearing Association in Tucson on May 11, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Cynthia Amerman)

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul will provide more beds to help the homeless survive extreme heat this summer

PHOENIX – Temperatures in Phoenix officially hit 100 degrees on April 21, earlier than usual. Phoenix’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul changed its priorities in order to help those who are homeless survive extreme heat and stay safe this summer.

Dennis Robinson poses for a portrait in one of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul dining rooms in Phoenix on Jan. 31. (Photo courtesy of Troy Hill/The Society of St. Vincent de Paul)

Annual symposium for Arizona military members and families highlights veteran suicide prevention

PHOENIX – The Arizona Coalition for Military Families Annual Statewide Symposium, on April 17 and 18, spoke to Arizona veterans about resources available for suicide prevention and mental health care.

Nicola Winkel, project director at Arizona Coalition for Military Families, speaks during the general session of the Arizona Coalition for Military Families' 14th Annual Statewide Symposium in Phoenix on April 17. (Photo by Ashley Schulte/Arizona Coalition for Military Families)

4th annual American Indian Youth Disability Summit honors ASU student with Youth Tribal Leadership Award

PHOENIX – The fourth annual American Indian Youth Disability Summit, held April 13, was created to support young American Indians with disabilities and provide peer advocacy. This year’s Youth Tribal Leadership Award was given to an ASU student studying speech and hearing sciences.

Zoë Alexis Irwin wins the Jim E. Warne Jr. Youth Tribal Leadership Award at the fourth annual American Indian Youth Disability Summit on Saturday, April 13. (Photo courtesy of Zoë Alexis Irwin)

Cigarrillos mentolados, comercializados a la comunidad de la raza negra, afronta prohibiciones federales

PHOENIX – Desde la década de los sesenta, los cigarrillos mentolados ha sido muy comercializados a la comunidad de la raza negra y otras comunidades de color que han sufrido consecuencias a su salud. Ahora, un movimiento para prohibir los cigarrillos mentolados está en desarrollo.

A smoker in downtown Phoenix on March 28. (Photo by Jack Orleans/Cronkite News)

Menthol cigarettes, heavily marketed to African American communities for years, face possible state and federal bans

PHOENIX – Since the 1960s, menthol cigarettes have been heavily marketed to African American and other minority communities, which have suffered lasting health effects. Now a movement to ban menthol tobacco products is mounting.

A smoker in downtown Phoenix on March 28. (Photo by Jack Orleans/Cronkite News)

The VA pioneered the use of telehealth for veterans who can’t easily access health care facilities

PHOENIX – Veterans Affairs has been using telehealth since the early 2000s, long before the surge in use brought on by COVID–19. Telehealth helps veterans who have mobility issues and gives them access to specialists even in remote areas.