Amber Victoria Singer
Amber Victoria Singer AM-ber vik-TOR-ee-ah SING-er (she/her/theirs)
News Reporter, Phoenix

Amber Victoria Singer expects to graduate in December 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in sustainability. Singer is on the audio desk at Cronkite News, and she’s an assistant producer for The Show on KJZZ, Phoenix’s NPR member station. She’s a member of Blaze Radio and the editor in chief of Downtown Devil.

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Team teaching leads to happier teachers, students

Arizona has had a teacher shortage for at least seven years. Team teaching is a classroom model that could increase teacher retention rates and job satisfaction.

Jenny Denton, a ninth-grade English and history teacher at Mountain View High School in Mesa, smiles while reminiscing on interactions with students on April 20, 2023. (Photo by Lydia Curry/Cronkite News)

Ken Koshio marks three years of hiking Piestewa Peak every day

PHOENIX – Every morning, for the past three years, Ken Koshio has hiked Piestewa Peak, the third-highest peak in Phoenix, and played music at the top. The three-year anniversary of his prayer hike was also the 20th anniversary of Lori Piestewa’s death. She is the first Native American woman to die in United States military combat.

Volunteers throw mud to preserve an ancient artifact at Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park

PHOENIX – The va’aki at Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park in Phoenix is more than 800 years old. Once a month volunteers come out to throw mud at the structure to stabilize it.

Throwing the mud is the only way to get it to stick. (Photo by Amber Victoria Singer/Cronkite News)

Conservation groups, highway advocates square off on proposed Interstate 11

TUCSON — Four conservation groups have sued the Federal Highway Administration over a proposed corridor for Interstate 11, saying there hasn’t been enough consideration of how it would affect the pristine Sonoran Desert and animals in the area.

Tom Hannagan, Friends of Ironwood Forest board president, walks through Ironwood Forest National Monument on Jan. 31, 2023, in Tucson. (Photo by Evelyn Nielsen/Cronkite News)

New transmission line will increase energy reliability in Arizona and California

The Ten West link is a 125-mile transmission line that will make it easier to send solar and wind energy between Arizona and California. The line will run from Tonopah to Blythe, California. Vice President Kamala Harris and Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs say Ten West Link will bring more jobs, but Tonopah Community Council President James Hoodenpyle disagrees.

Vice President Kamala Harris visits Tonopah to celebrate the Ten West Link transmission line that will connect Arizona and California’s power grids. Photo taken on Jan. 19, 2023. (Photo by Lydia Curry/Cronkite News)

Protesters march at Arizona Capitol against anti-queer bills

There was a protest at Arizona’s Capitol on Sunday against proposed legislation that would restrict drag performances, using preferred pronouns in schools and abortion access. People of all ages were there — including high school students with Support Equality Arizona Schools. Arizona is one of eight states with bills that would censor drag performances.

Protester at the state Capitol.