Alyssa Muñoz
Alyssa Muñoz ah-LISS-uh mun-YOS (She/Her)
News Broadcast Reporter, Phoenix

Alyssa Munoz expects to graduate in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. Munoz was also a reporter for Cronkite News last semester, when she helped report on election coverage and noticias.

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Arizona plans to sink more than $85 million into potholes, other repairs

PHOENIX – After a tough winter for roadways, the Arizona Department of Transportation is working to patch potholes and to resurface, repair and improve highways in Arizona. ADOT has pledged over $85 million for the effort.

Crime survivors rally at state Capitol to demand better trauma care

PHOENIX - Crime survivors and their families from across Arizona gathered at the state Capitol Monday, calling on lawmakers to fund trauma recovery centers that offer therapy and social services.

Observations vary by culture, but remembrance remains the heart of Día de los Muertos

PHOENIX – Although Día de los Muertos has been commercialized and thought to be the “Mexican Halloween,” it remains a day of remembrance. Those who celebrate also remember the origins of the holiday, which reach back to the Aztecs.

José Cárdenas of Chandler lights candles on Oct. 30, 2022, on one of the altars he built for his wife, Virginia, who died 10 years ago. (Photo by Scianna Garcia/Cronkite News)