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Prop 205 to legalize recreational marijuana use too close to call

…high potential for abuse. In addition, the U.S. government recognizes no acceptable medical use for marijuana. 1 Cassie Ronda and Bri Cossavella Cronkite News 45469 A banner hangs on…

Poll: Thumbs down on border wall, deportation and Arpaio

…election. (Photo by Bri Cossavella/Cronkite News) The poll, conducted by the Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center, asked likely Arizona voters: “Should the U.S. build a wall between Mexico and the U.S….

Recreational marijuana fails on AZ ballot, wins in three states

…events since early 2015 collecting signatures from citizens in support of Proposition 205. (Photo by Bri Cossavella/Cronkite News) Proposition 205, a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana use in Arizona,…