For most Arizona lawmakers, Mueller report is not the end of the issue

WASHINGTON - Arizona lawmakers' reactions to the report on the Mueller investigation were much like the summary itself - open to interpretation depending on which side of the aisle was talking and far from the last word on the topic.

An exoneration of the president? Democrats, legal experts say it’s too soon to tell

PHOENIX – Several members of the Arizona congressional delegation gave their take on Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Jobs, recreation, high rents and traffic: Four ways a growing population changes Arizona

PHOENIX – Growth in the Southwest brings jobs and city plans for recreational development to Arizona, but also clogs roads and leads to rent hikes.

McSally talks about sexual assault task force, funding for border wall

GLENDALE – Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., speaks about a task force that aims to combat sexual assault in the military and funding for a border wall.

Trump attacks on McCain seem to be stirring up support for late senator

WASHINGTON - It's no secret that President Donald Trump is not a fan of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, but instead of weakening the McCain fan club the president's latest string of attacks, from weekend tweets to a speeh Wednesday, may be having the opposite effect.

Arizona primary elections might be held earlier in August

PHOENIX – A bill in the Arizona Legislature would change the date of primaries to the first Tuesday in August, instead of 10 weeks out from a general election.

Voting Rights

Using pain to help others: Opioid crisis is personal for Safford mayor and his wife

SAFFORD – Safford Mayor Jason Kouts and his wife Maria lost their 25-year-old son Josiah to an opioid overdose in January 2018, but they’re using the pain to help others struggling with addiction.

Pentagon could divert $30 million Fort Huachuca project to border wall

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has identified $150 million of military construction projects in Arizona that could be tapped to fund a border wall, with a $30 million project at Fort Huachuca the likeliest target in the state, under President Donald Trump's declaration of a nationa border emergency.

EPA plan to ease mercury standards raises ire of moms’ group, activists

WASHINGTON - A Phoenix mom joined dozens of activists who called the EPA's plan to relax standards on power plant emissions, like mercury, an "attack on American children," but one industry official said the ruls has cost billions for negligible benefits.

Arizona vigil for New Zealand victims wields love to overcome hate, terrorism

TEMPE – Hundreds gathered at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe Saturday night to hear lawmakers, civil rights activists and local leaders of faith organizations voice their support for the Muslim community in wake of the New Zealand terrorist attack.

Arizona sheriff, advocates on hand for Trump veto over border emergency

WASHINGTON - Backed by sheriffs and members of "angel families," including three from Arizona, President Donald Trump vetoed a bill that would have blocked his declaration of a national emergency at the border. It was the first veto of his term, but will not clear the way to funding a wall.

House panel votes to restrict power of DHS to bypass regulations for wall

WASHINGTON - A House committee voted along party lines to rescind the law that lets the secretary of Homeland Security waive regulations that get in the way of a border wall, a move critics say is used increasingly by the Trump administration as it presses forward on the wall..