Lithium Liabilities: The untold threat to water in the rush to mine American lithium

An investigation from the Howard Center at Arizona State University uncovered the coming electric battery revolution in America will require billions upon billions of gallons of water to mine lithium. Many of the new U.S. mines will be located in the drought-prone American West.

It’s not officially a planet, but Pluto could be Arizona’s official planet

PHOENIX - Pluto was taken off the "full-size planet" list almost 20 years ago, but Rep. Justin Wilmeth, R-Phoenix, doesn't see why it can't still be Arizona's official state planet. His "fun" bill do to just that was approved 8-1 Wednesday by the House Government Committee.

Horne plan for conservative videos for state schools called ‘irresponsible’

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Education is partnering with conservative advocacy group PragerU to provide K-12 schools with the groups’ video content — content that Democratic lawmakers say is inaccurate and does not belong in public schools.

Women of the West: Art of the Cowgirl showcases female strength, artistry

QUEEN CREEK – The Art of the Cowgirl celebrates women who embody the country lifestyle by raising funds for artists, so they can have opportunities such as fellowships or become master artists within their fields.

Waylon Kenny pulls Breckin Reed in a wagon at Art of the Cowgirl on Jan. 19, 2024, in Queen Creek. (Photo by Mariah Temprendola/Cronkite News)

Game on: Arizona high school esports embraces changes, challenges entering fifth season

PHOENIX – Arizona's high school esports scene faces the dual task of balancing evolving game preferences while navigating challenges in attracting players to traditional titles.

Students from various high schools across Arizona prepare their gaming setups as they anticipate the start of the fifth season of esports competition. (Photo by Daniella Trujillo/Cronkite News)

Hobbs pushes for school funding plan, GOP stands by its own proposal

PHOENIX – Gov. Katie Hobbs and Arizona Democrats formally introduced legislation Monday to expand funding for public education and teacher pay, even as Republicans insist they will continue to push their own plan.

Victim backs bill to criminalize child ‘grooming’; opponents say it oversteps

PHOENIX - A 16-year-old who said she was groomed by her softball coach came to testify, with her parents, for a bill that would make a crime of child grooming. But opponents told the packed hearing that there are already laws on the books and the bill goes too far.

‘We are survivors:’ National, Arizona projects aim to uncover, preserve histories of Native American boarding schools

PHOENIX – The Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative launched an oral history project documenting the traumatic experiences of Indigenous children in the federal boarding school system. Local preservation efforts have already delved into Arizona’s history of boarding schools and resulting generational trauma.

Trophies, a letterman jacket and images of early Native American history in the visitor center of Phoenix Indian School at what is now Steele Indian School Park. (Photo by Ellie Willard/Cronkite News)

A 120-year legacy: Tempe’s historic Hayden Flour Mill set for revitalization

TEMPE – Tempe's historic Hayden Flour Mill, a landmark dating back to 1918, has been approved for redevelopment after standing vacant since 1998. The project includes new retail businesses, a public park, improvements to the A Mountain trailhead and preservation of the historic buildings.

Uber partners with Waymo in Arizona to offer autonomous rides

PHOENIX – Uber customers can now get matched with a fully autonomous, all-electric Waymo ride – with no human driver behind the wheel. The option is available in the 225 square miles of metro Phoenix where Waymo currently operates.

Uber customers can now get matched with a fully autonomous, all-electric Waymo vehicle if they call an Uber for a ride within the 225 square miles of the Valley currently served by Waymo. (Photo by Hunter Fore/Cronkite News)

Nevada summit discusses problem of – and solutions to – youth homelessness

LAS VEGAS – A summit to address youth homelessness in Nevada brought organizations together to explore solutions to end youth homelessness.

The seventh annual Nevada Youth Homelessness Summit takes place at the Smith Center for Performing Arts in Las Vegas on Nov. 8. (Photo by Oakley Seiter/Cronkite News)

UFO buffs feel the R-E-S-P-E-C-T as government gets serious about research

WASHINGTON - After years of researching UFOs on their own, buffs think the "taboo ... is lifting" and their work may be be entering a "golden age," citing the government's recent interest in studying Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena - or UAPs, the new name for UFOs.