Sexually transmitted diseases up 19% in Arizona, perhaps because of greater awareness

A state public-health spokeswoman said improvements in treatment, screening and even dating apps may contribute to an increase of reported cases in 2018 compared to the same period last year.

Punching through Parkinson’s: Boxing gym trains patients with degenerative disease

Phoenix-area boxing trainer Marty Barrett opened 12th Round Fit Boxing gym to help train individuals with Parkinson's disease to curb their symptoms.

Arizona leaders say state has made progress on opioid crisis, but concerns about border security remain

Rep. Martha McSally on Wednesday blamed the country’s lack of border security as one reason for Arizona’s opioid epidemic.

Adults with Down syndrome are more independent, experts say, but face challenges in getting old

A new generation of adults with Down syndrome is the most independent ever, in part because of parental demands. Yet new challenges loom at the same time their world is expanding

Tempe, ASU to study wastewater for clues about opioid use

Tempe and Arizona State University are each contributing $35,000 to monitor city wastewater, believing it will help tailor programs to fight the opioid crisis.

After years of trying, Congress gives ‘right to try’ drug bill final OK

WASHINGTON - It took two years of trying, but Congress gave final approval this week to so-called "right-to-try" legislation that, if signed by the president, would give patients with terminal diagnoses access to experimental drugs that could save their lives.

Second-grader uses fire-safety training to save her family from burning home

Monibelle Townsend, 7, learned house fire-safety techniques from Phoenix firefighters days before a fire destroyed her home.

Arizona ultrarunners turn nocturnal during summer months

As temperatures rise during Arizona’s hot summer months, the growing community of ultrarunners need an outlet to train while staying safe. The Insomniac Night Series provides an outlet for all types of distance runners to race safety and build relationships in the process.

Innovative programs aim to offset state’s shortage of mental health beds

WASHINGTON - The U.S. has only about a quarter of the beds that experts say is the safe minimum, and Arizona has only about a third of the national rate, but analysts and advocates said the state should get credit for innovative programs it does supply.

Taking a load off: Weight cutting growing issue in mixed martial arts

In mixed martial arts, weight cutting is commonplace as fighters prepare to compete at the highest level. The process can be dangerous.

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Native Americans close the gap – almost – on U.S. life expectancy

WASHINGTON - Life expectancy for Native Americans is decades longer than it was in the 1960s, nearly closing the gap with the rest of the U.S. population, government data show. But experts say pockets of problems remain, particularly on traditional reservations.