State officials call for federal funds to protect election systems, workers

WASHINGTON - The federal government provides funds to make sure bridges and dams don't collapse - it should do the same for the nation's elections, a bipartisan group of Arizona officials said this week, calling elections an "egregious unfunded mandate."

New July 30 primary date will mean new deadlines for voters, candidates

PHOENIX - State lawmakers pushed through a bipartisan, last-minute plan to give election officials more time to cope with expected mandatory recounts this year by pushing the primary up to July 30 - but it also gives voters and candidates less time in the process.

Sinema’s lackluster fundraising quarter raises eyebrows over campaign hopes

WASHINGTON - Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema raised a fraction of what her leading challengers brought in in the last quarter of 2023, raising new questions about her chances in what could be a bruising, three-way race.

DeWit quits, Trump bails, rally’s cut: It’s been a week for Arizona’s GOP

WASHINGTON - The chairman was ousted over the leak of an embarrassing audio tape, former President Donald Trump backed out of a rally that had to be canceled on the eve of the party's annual meeting. It's been a week for the Arizona Republican Party.

Number of Latino voters is growing, but experts wonder in which direction

WASHINGTON - An estimated 150,000 Latino youth in Arizona will become eligible to vote in the 2024 election, when Hispanics will account for almost one in five voters in the state. But how that bloc wields its growing clout remains a question, experts say.

Race to replace Gallego in Democrat-heavy 3rd District draws crowded field

WASHINGTON - Rep. Ruben Gallego's bid next year for Senate opens a Phoenix district where Democrats hold an overwhelming registration advantage. While Democratic candidates are lining up for the seat, it has drawn the attention of just as many Republicans and independents.

With control of House in the balance, Democrats target two Arizona seats

WASHINGTON - Despite a high-profile 2024 Senate race and already-crowded campaigns for two open House seats, experts say two other Arizona House races could be among "the most competitive ... in the whole country," with control of the House in the balance.

Still a shaman, but not the ‘Q’ shaman: Chansley rebrands for Congress bid

WASHINGTON - Jacob Angeli-Chansley rocketed to fame as the face-painted, horned-hat face of the Jan. 6 insurrection, but now he wants to be known as the congressman from Arizona's 8th District, after indicating he wants to run for the seat as a Libertarian candidate.

Lesko’s retirement starts stampede of high-profile hopefuls in 8th District

WASHINGTON - Open congressional seats typically draw hopefuls, but the crowd lining up to replace Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Peoria - 20 so far, including heavy hitters with big names and long track records - is being described by experts with words like "all-stars," "fascinating" and "fun."

Gov. Katie Hobbs signs petition to add abortion rights to 2024 ballot

PHOENIX – Gov. Katies Hobbs signed a petition at a news conference Tuesday in Phoenix to add abortion rights to the 2024 ballot. Advocates want to guarantee abortion as a constitutional right in Arizona.

Gov. Katie Hobbs speaks at a news conference on Nov. 28, 2023, at Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix, where she signed a petition to add abortion rights to the 2024 ballot. (Photo by Kiersten Edgett/Cronkite News)

Officials confident about Tuesday voting, feel good for long-term outlook

WASHINGTON - Local elections Tuesday could be a low-level test of voting systems stressed by years of challenges that have some worried about the 2024 election, now less than a year off. But officials are fairly confident - in the short and long term - that they can staff the polls.

Fontes, other officials tell Senate panel of ongoing threats to elections

WASHINGTON - Death threats, poisoned pets, disinformation campaigns and family members with "go bags" handy in case they have to flee on a moment's notice. Those were just some of the threats elections officials told senators they face as they prepare for upcoming elections.